Monday, April 27, 2009

Video From the Piano Recital...Finally!

Everyone did an awesome job at the recital and here is the proof! Just think Rose and Olivia have only been taking lessons for a couple months! I'm so proud of the girls and of Jeremiah for being such a great 'at-home' teacher and for busting his ass to get the girls to lessons!

Here's My Darling Redhead playing Mary Had a Little Lamb in the keys of C and G (and loving the applause!):

Here is Rosey playing 'Little Playmates':

This is my youngest sister Hannah playing Bach. She started taking lessons with this teacher at 3 years old! Great Job Hannah!


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sherri said...

wow. fantastic jobs. that last bach song was killing me. there is something so bittersweet about a child playing classical on the piano, huh?