Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Here's a little post for Max's FOURTH Birthday today!

Max was born after a long and complicated labor. She was a pain in the ass from the start! She was a messy peanut at birth, covered in a thick gook which she proceeded to smear everyone in the room with. It was not pleasant, but we got over it quickly. She looked like a little frog and had a giant strawberry between her eyes and across the bridge of her nose. She was 8 pounds 9 ounces at birth, but hardly grew the next few months. It was obvious that she was going to be very petite.
I would hold her so gently and was constantly reminding myself to treat her with extra care for Reason #1: Not to make her cry, she did enough of that DAY AND NIGHT. Reason #2: She was so fragile I felt like she definitely had the potential to break easily.

She was a sensitive baby, didn't like loud noises, strong smells and most foods, so I carried her gently and tried my hardest! The fact that I had to take care to give her so much attention made the moments when she was joyful so much more special to me.

In the last photo Max is doing the famous "Maxine Stare". Jeremiah and I can both imitate it perfectly. She also does a funny walk I call the Maxiraptor where she runs with her two thin wrists limp like a Velociraptor. Yeah, this hilarity is why I get paid the BIG BUCKS.

In a hour or two when Elijah is napping Max and I are going to decorate the house for her little party tonight. We got her a black theme birthday this year, because duh...Black is her favorite color. She insists that she gets snacks in the black snack bowls (heaven forbid she use the green ones!) and always wants to wear her black Christmas clothes (which she fights with me about every morning).

So everyone have a pleasant Max's Fourth Birthday!


BlondieLox said...

she's really cute! & looks a lot like you, eh?

btw: i tagged you on my blog :)

Vic said...

Happy Birthday Max!!

Black is the new black. I always pick the black bowl in our house too.

Sam said...

Happy 4th, Little Maxie. You sure are cute.

Hope you get an LBD to die for as one of your gifts. ;)

The Angry Georgian said...

Happy birthday Max!
And yes, I hated getting up and doing the "new kid" routine. I have scars.

kara said...

she hasn't aged a day. but there's been hair growth.

~E said...

awww. your kids (Im assuming they are your kids) are very cute! Thanks for following my blog!

Prosy said...

so what your saying is your daughter is goth?

sherri said...

She. is. adorable. That face!