Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tagged By That PeeWee Herman Lady!!

One of my new favorite people, Yvonne tagged me for one of those say ten things about yourself thingies I used to do in high school, then later on myspace and then more recently on facebook. Which obviously means that I love to talk about myself.
SO I am going to blog twice today (and cut and paste 10 Thing About Myself from Facebook!):

1. I hated all fish until I was pregnant with Elijah. Now I eat it all the time.

2. I dated my boyfriend for quite a while when I was 16, and then we didn't see each other for 8 years. I always thought there was something special about him! ;)

3. I have four kids! Rosey is 8, Olivia just turned 6, Maxine Jane is 3 and Elijah is 16 months.

4. I drink alot of coffee...alot.

5. I love to study people and figure them out. Strangers, friends, family. It's like a hobby.

6. I love facebook cause I can talk to Mindi all the time. (Random fact about Mindi...she used to wear tie-dyes all the time and did that fold over and up thing with the bottom of her jeans!)

7. I listen to music all day long. My kids are constantly turning the computer down and yelling that it's too loud.

8. I share custody of my three daughters with my ex-husband. That means three days a week my son is an only child. We'll see how that pans out.

9. I have fat fingers and toes. Even when I'm not overweight. They're like little kid hands.

10. I can't drink liquor or wine. I'll get drunk in two minutes and then barf for two days. It's not pleasant.

11. I'm very close with my Daddy.

12. I have four younger siblings. My youngest sister is 17 years younger than me. My parents had an early start with me and a late one with her.

13. I can crochet quite proficiently.

14. I used to never do any housework for four or five years. Now I'm obsessed with it!

15. I've been pregnant or nursing for 9 years. Wow.

16. My favorite topics for discussion: WW2, movies, the loch ness monster, where I want to travel to and why, food, how much I love Jeremiah, my kids, the George R. R. Martin series, any book I've ever read
17. I read all the time. I bet I've read more books in my 27 years then some people read in a lifetime. And I pity those people. Go pick up a book, you heeb!

18. I read anything from bios to historical fiction to thrillers to classic literature to sci-fi or fantasy.

19. I take photos all the time. I hope to get a better camera soon.

20. I've been to a lot of cities on a lot of continents and Pittsburgh is still my favorite!

21. My son Elijah loves sushi! His favorites so far are halibut, eel and octopus. He eats a lot of avocado roll too.

22. My daughter Maxine is wonderfully strange. She eats weird combinations like mustard on watermelon, ketchup on her tortilla chips, Parmesan cheese on corn...

23. I think all of my daughters look like mythical creatures. yeah, that's weird and random. Rose looks like a fairy, Olivia like a delightful imp (like those old old drawings of peter pan) and max is a sprite. Duh.

24. I was obsessed with post-mortem photography for awhile. I got over that.

25. I write alot, but never finish anything. I wish I would just finish something.

Okay, that's 25...but I'm lazy and I didn't feel like picking through them and posting 10. So...take that. Now I have to tag people, but I'm not sure how I'll do five (but here is a disclaimer, don't feel the need to respond to this tag... two of my kids are at school, one is coloring and one is sleeping or else I wouldn't have done this either) This Lady who gives good advice, Teacher Lady, who made me feel super uncomfortable today talking about spiders, This Blond Chick who likes my dorky crocheted stars, This Maggie who annouced that she is expecting on her blog today, CONGRATS, and last but not least...hmmm...This Lady who works, breastfeeds, goes to school AND plans trips to DisneyLand, I'm tired just introducing her.


Miss Yvonne said...

You call having 25 things lazy? Dude, I could barely write 10 things in a row without taking a nap.

Miss Yvonne said...

P.S. I'm honored to now be known as "That PeeWee Herman Lady".

BlondieLox said...

"I've been to a lot of cities on a lot of continents and Pittsburgh is still my favorite!" - that's only because you haven't been to saint louis, misery! ha!

you're funny. and the daughter that eats weird stuff - yep! that's totally me! parm on corn... YUM! & your son eating sushi!!! *holler* cool-cat!

*blog love*

Magpie said...

post mortem photos. huh. that's different...

(ooh, good word verification: BAREFUL)

Dr Zibbs said...

I've been to cites all over too but I've never been to P-burg.

kara said...

1. i thought preggos couldn't eat fish due to mercury content. or is that just jeremy piven?

3. you birthed four children before 30? how do you walk?

i'd respond to the others but i'm lazy.

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Haha, great to know more about you. Four kids? Wow! They're adorable.