Sunday, February 28, 2010

Organic Bathroom Goodness

I spent some of this morning setting up our cameras to tape a little 'demo' of myself using my new store item, All Organic Face Scrubettes. Because there wasn't any surface to prop a camera up on to do the filming and because Jeremiah was still in bed and unable to be my cameraman I had to set the camera up in a cupboard kind of hidden from view. A few moments later Jeremiah comes into the bathroom from a foggy sleep to urinate, right next to the hidden camera. I couldn't help myself and hit the record button secretly...this is the magic that ensued:

Now that we've enjoyed that, let me introduce my new product to you:

I've listed these scrubettes in my store Ultra Cute Crochet. If you are interested in ordering them outside of etsy or are interested in different colors or a bulk order please contact me at I am a prompt responder!

Update: I've changed some prices and shipping prices for the scrubettes. Check out the new prices and some shop updates!

Friday, February 26, 2010


Recovering from this flu has been much worse than previously anticipated. I figured we'd eat lots of oranges, drink lots of tea and Voila!

But alas, here we are on Day 6 and still feeling the aftershocks. I've got a sore on my nose the size of Mt. Fuji (you thought I was going to say Everest, didn't you?), a cough and one permanently stuffed up nostril.

I am still planning on entering Julesy's Out of Tune Idol, despite my raspy and greatly incapacitated voice.

And it's not just me that's suffering...Olivia woke up Wednesday morning with a ridiculously high fever and her new pediatrician couldn't see her (something about not seeing sick kids till they have their first appointment...which makes sense) so I ran her and Rose up to the hospital. It was a pretty quick emergency room visit, in comparison with others I've had in the past. We emerged with Olivia's fever reduced, a double ear infection diagnosis and a faxed prescription to my Daddy at the pharmacy. I also left very satisfied with the care Olivia received. The P.A. Steve was friendly and very down to earth and the nurses were very quick and kind.

On Thursday Maxine and Elijah had their first appointment at the new doctor's office. Elijah had no fever but was diagnosed with his third ear infection this year. Elijah got four shots and Maxine got five shots (we are wayyyy behind on her vaccinations, with good reason, she's a screamer) and had two lollipops at the Dr.s office and a klondike bar when we returned home.

I had a Dilly bar and a half of container of pistachio nuts.

And Elijah gave me his Spiderman sticker. Put it right in my hair...where it stayed till I had to rip it out. Can't make fun of women with bald spots anymore, not that I did that in the first place...

The new Doc and the nurses at the new office were also wonderful. A lot of faith was restored in the medical community by our household this week. I had really begun to think I was going to continue to have a uncomfortable and uncommunicative relationship with our practitioners, and was quite sad about it. But Dr. Lu was current, easy going, funny and quick to laugh. She was cool with the kids and cool with me (I can be uber intimidating, don't you know). She listened to my questions and gave answers that were neither trite nor condescending. Thanks Dude. -ette.

The nurse Kathy was so sweet to Maxine. She obviously felt horrible giving my tiny angel so many shots. Max was so brave right up until she was pricked. She let out a horrible scream and her face turned purple immeadiately. The nurse and I both had tears in our eyes and then after Kathy finished with the shots she stayed in the room and comforted Max. It was so kind of her.

Here they are waiting to get their shots.

Today is yet another snow day. I have this sick feeling we were warped to the wrong side of Narnia sometime after the New Year. Which sucks cause the White Witch is a freaking bitch and I hate Turkish Delight.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Why I am Unable to Open My Eyes the Whole Way...

Our household was recently assaulted by the cold/flu. You know, the one that comes in the form of the most wretched cold you've ever had and for days you're covered in snot, tears and spittle?

Under the influence of this strange microbe you may say strange things to the people calling your house. You don't know why they're calling you, so you end up telling them all about this flu you have and how you think you're going to die. They politely tell you that they hope you feel better and to stay the hell away from them for at least a week. This may have been my mom, my grandma or some random telemarketer. I'm not sure.

I was forced (by Necessity, that damned bitch) to go to the grocery store with the still very sick Elijah and the not yet sick Jeremiah yesterday afternoon. Around Aisle 3 it dawned on me that Elijah and I may be spreading this god awful plague all over the store, what with my snot covered hands and sleeves and Elijah's constant projectile sneezing. It was in the next aisle over that I realized that is happened to be 'senior discount day' at that particular grocery store. Now the guilt of sending all of those innocent elderly to their deaths is weighing heavy on my head, like the several tons of snot assaulting me from all orifices. All head related orifices, that is.

Everybody has advice when you or your kids are sick. The grocery cashier even admonished me for not taking Elijah to the Doctor yet. Was it completely necessary for me to try to explain to this lady that the doctor can't do anything for a virus? After she suggested that Elijah should obviously be on antibiotics:

Erin: " know...antibiotics are for bacterial infections. And...we obviously have a cold-like flu caused by a virus similar to the common cold...just much...worse."

Cashier: "The Doctor could tell you something you don't know. I wouldn't take the chance. You two look HORRIBLE."

I did call the doc's office just to be sure, the nurse told me that they can't give us meds for a virus (blast! I look like an ass no matter what I do!) and that this flu is going around (which I knew thanks to facebook) and that I should keep the inflicted children hydrated and the air humid.

So far Maxine Jane is the only child not struck dumb and snotty by this pestilence. She rules our home with an iron fist...if iron fists are bright pink and taste of cotton candy, that is.

And to top things off I bought new furniture the first day of this scourge, before the symptoms were foul and running amuck. Now I'm constantly jumping on the kids to wipe their faces and hands before they sit on the couch. What possessed me to get new gameroom furniture? What was wrong with the ugly blue grey falling apart ripped and sewn over a billion times sectional my dad's friend gave us three years ago after it was in his gameroom for almost 20 years? I knew if I typed that out I would feel better about my choice.

Stay away from El Casa Eremiah folks, stay far far away.

On a side note, a lot of people commented on the horribly annoying nature I exhibited in my last post. I want to assure you all that I have known the target of my annoying I.M.s for a very very long time...and he deserves every single word I type.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Facebook nonsense and a Dire Warning

Warning to all Moms and Stepmoms or anyone even vaguely related to me:
I swear a lot and use some gross terms during this course of this post...please refrain from reading if you think you might be offended.

A friend of mine is always on facebook while he's at work. Although he's online he's much too busy to chat, so I just randomly text him on and off all day long.
Here are some of my very one sided conversations:


I'm a wee bit bored.

sell anything today?

i'll just pretend we're talking. It will be fun. Ready?

Joe: what's up my darling Erin Friend, the cutest and funniest girl in the history of girl?

Erin: Nothing much here Joey. Just made the little kids some lunch. Checking my email, writing a pattern.

Joe: Wow. You have such an awesome and interesting life. I'm so jealous of you and wish I could be more like you.

Erin: I know, I know. It's ok. Everyone aspires to be like me, but not everyone can reach such great heights.





joey joey why are you so douchey????? why oh why?


You don't have a kitchen in your new house? Jeremiah just told me.

you shouldn't eat out all the time, it's bad for you.

(that's what she said).


I talked to your mom today and she told me you she caught you giving your dog head.
You were 16. Remember that? I bet you do.



I'm calling your boss and telling him to check your computer for porn.

Kitty porn.








he lives!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ben Folds Visits But Doesn't Stop to See Me.

Saturday night Ben Folds played at Heinz Hall with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. You'd think I would be there , front and center.

But I was not. I (for some reason) didn't find out about it until much much too late. Tickets were around $400 a piece by the time I started searching for them. I am still a little bit teary thinking about it.

So I've been watching the videos on youtube instead. I've included some in this post.
Here's Ben instructing the crowd (which I wasn't in, in case you didn't get that part) in a three part harmony for Not The Same:

This is Ben telling a story about his children and the song 'Gracie' he wrote for his daughter:

This is one of my favorite songs. I sing it around the house all the time and even tried to get Jeremiah to play it on his classical guitar. It's all about moving away from his friends and family with some bitch. My favorite line:
'Down comes the reign of the telephone czar, it's ok to call, I will answer for myself.'

He plays in Cleveland the day before my birthday. Cleveland is not all that far away from us, but still a little bit of a trip. So we'll see.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

And The Winner Is!

After careful consideration Jeremiah and I have picked the winner of Humphrey the Owl and all his owlish good looks.

I want to thank everyone for their delightful and flattering homages to me. I know announcing this contest made me sound like the world's biggest ego-maniac, but it turned out to be a lot of fun.

Especially with entries like these:

Nancy made me and Max into stuffed animals.

Vic made an animation of kickassingness.

Kim showed off her artistic talent.

Dr. Monkey wrote me a lovely haiku.

Jules paid homage to me AND Milli Vanilli in one awesome swoop.

Prosy made our love immortal with jam and toast.

And last but not least the talented MJenks wrote an original story starring my alter-ego (an obviously incredibly hot and fit Erin Oliverosetree). His follow up post was almost as golden as the original!

After careful deliberation and a lot of arguing (mostly with myself) I wittled it down to Mjenks and Vic. They both put a lot of thought and effort into their entries and I greatly appreciated both of their homages.

But, in the end, Jeremiah and I have decided that Humphrey will go to Vic!

She's planning on placing him in her front window to taunt passing children, I think this will be a very appropriate occupation for my fine stuffed friend. I have Vic's address, being that she is a customer, and will be shipping out Humphrey sometime this week.

In addition to Vic's prize everyone who entered the contest will receive free shipping from my store and orders via email for life!

Thank you again for the time everyone put into this. I was excited every day this week to see what everyone came up with!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ready? Ok! More Contest Entries

The contest to win Humphrey the Owl is still on! See rules and details here.

Jeremiah has been kept abreast of the contest entries so far...I was able to catch up with him between snowstorms to get this excellent photos (totally unrelated to the contest):

Jules is the 'host' of Out of Tune Idol and also my personal blog idol.

Here is her entry:

I want to mention that Kara from Condi's Hair is on this montage. She's modeling a custom order cabled hat/scarf set and charcoal armwarmers she bought from me earlier this winter. If you're interested in her set or anything on my blog please contact me via email

Prosy obviously wants to win Humphrey pretty darn bad...she went to the far extreme and wrote something on toast for me! This girl has some insane talent. INSANE.

If I missed your contest entry, please let me know.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Entries Not Entrails...Contest Updates!

On Friday I posted a contest to win Humphrey The Owl. I have since then been told several times (three times on facebook and three times on blogs) that Humphrey's eyes resemble boobies. This is either going to make people want him less or, as I suspect, want him so much more.

'Boobie Face' Humphrey has been coveted by many and I will be posting contest entries throughout the week.

On Sunday the 14th, Valentines Day, Jeremiah and I will be judging the entries and picking a WINNER!!! If you have posted an entry and I haven't put it on the blog, please let me know in case my broad spectrum telepathy is out of wack.

First is an entry from my only blogging facebook friend (imagine that BECKYS!), Dr. Monkey Muck. He wrote me a haiku that was very sweet, albeit highly inaccurate. I forgive him because of our shared loved for bad vintage sweaters and the ads that those sweaters are featured in:

Knitter, mom, hot babe.
Erin is timeless,
a mountain spring.

Kim, who is hilarious and probably pretty dorky in her own right (that's a compliment, Kimmy Poo) called me a whore and posted this entry:

She also didn't get the memo about my 45 pound weight loss. ;)

Vic is a freaking SUPERSTAR OF EPIC PROPORTIONS. This is her entry:

You can read the poem on her blog...Vic must be one of those overachiever people that you knew in high school that did all the gifted activities AND all of the Honor's Society shit that you (me) didn't even attempt to do because we (meaning me) assumed it was impossible.

Nancy was a former 'winner' of a contest where I sent random junk to random people. She's back to win Humphrey!

Max looks oddly cute as a bear. I am going to insist in the future that she is always wearing bear ears.

Awesome entries so far! Keep them coming. We're going to have the hardest time picking a winner, methinks. Jeremiah hasn't seen any of these so far...he's impossible to corner. And our computer is literally in the corner.

Friday, February 5, 2010

I Judge You, You Judge Me...CONTEST!!!

This contest is going to require everyone to get creative and devote some energy and intelligence. The winner (chosen by myself and Jeremiah) will win Humphrey, The Lonely Owl (Handmade and Stuffed by Me).

Here he is looking longingly into the camera, beseeching you to win him and welcome him into your home and arms:

To win Humphrey and the opportunity to be judged by me and Jeremiah you must complete one of the following tasks:

1)Write a short story about me and post it on your blog or email it to me.

2)Write a poem about me and post it on your blog or email it to me. You may also post a vlog of you reciting your ode to me.

3)Perform a song about me on a vlog and post it on your blog or email it to me.

4)Draw a picture (make it good!) of me or something I've written about on the blog. Post your picture and description of this picture or email me said picture and description.

Jeremiah and I will pick and announce the winner on Sunday February 14th!

If you have the opportunity to advertise this contest, please do so. I'm super nervous that one person (Aly from Calling People Names) is going to enter my contest.

Humphrey is a small owl pillow and made of hypoallergenic silk/acrylic mix yarn.

You can check out some of my new items in my shop at Ultra Cute Crochet!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Name Name What's In A Name?

Tony, who is a friendly and not at all rude Korean (he informs me that most are rude AND own sushi bars) asked me this question on my page:

I like your kids' names. What are the stories behind them? Because if I ever have a kid, I want to name him/her something awesome like Jake and Gyllenhaal. Gyll for short.

'Loretta' Rose

Rose is my oldest daughter and Rose is actually her middle name. Yes, I'm one of those annoying parents who have to remind teachers, doctors and the like, 'Yes her first name is Loretta, but we prefer to use her middle name Rose and she usually only answers to that name.'
'Loretta' is after my mom because I love my momma. And not because I felt the urge to kiss her ass. Not at all, or in the least...nada, no reason to...nope.

Rose's are my favorite flower and is my favorite smell, red is my favorite color and I liked the Don Bluth cartoon A Troll in Central Park and I assumed that Rose would look just like the blonde and chubby Rosey in that movie because my last two siblings were blonde and chubby.

I was wrong. She had black hair and black eyes and was tiny and skinny.

Olivia Marie

I've told Olivia's name story in another post here.

Maxine Jane

After being overthrown by my ex in the incident we'll refer to as 'The Darling Episode', I decided I would name my third child anything I wanted to. It wasn't till after I had her and named her that I came up with the name Indiana Sue (Indy for short!!!!). But what's done is done and I really love the name Maxine Jane. I wanted something cute and almost unisex like 'Samantha', cause I love names that have cute nicknames. Jane is my favorite girls name. I used to name my dolls 'Jane' and characters in things I write and hide in computer folders named "Grocery Lists and Such" are always named 'Jane'.

Elijah Christopher

I wanted to leave Elijah's naming up to Jeremiah...since I had already named three children and he had not. We originally decided to name him 'Jeremiah Kincaid', but somewhere along the way we were decided against it. One day, in our 7th month of pregnancy, we were on our way to a state park to hike, i.e. walking along trails, and we stopped for coffee. That's when the name came to me. Elijah sounds like Jeremiah, but starts with a 'E' (like Erin, duh). Jeremiah loved it and we decided to name him 'Elijah Christopher(Jeremiah's middle name) Lyle' we dropped the Lyle right after his delivery (sorry he can read this in heaven. That wouldn't be very blissful, would it?) so his name wouldn't be too long.

And that's it. Other contenders for Rose's name were Estella and Elisabeth. If any of my daughters were boys I would have named them Henry, after my favorite writer (Ten Cents to the person who can name that writer!). We had a girls' name picked out for Elijah and obviously didn't end up needing it, Hollis Kathleen.