Monday, April 6, 2009

A Failed Morning and A Trip to Ze Zoo

This morning started out promising enough. Started out being the optimal word in that first brief sentence...

Jeremiah is off and Elijah was delighted to see him home and not at work when he woke up. I made uber delicious smoothies for breakfast, in case you want to make one I'll fill you in on this delicious combination:
Approx one cup of frozen blueberries
one banana
one green green apple (sour ones are so good in smoothies for some reason)
one half seeded lemon (rind and all, just wash it super good)
fresh pineapple (canned is never the same, but we all make do)
skim milk (i just splashed some in, eyeball it)
orange juice (same eyeballing)
Blend that shit up yo!

Then as the day progressed the usual cleaning I do before my daughters come back from their dad's house slowed way down. I played with Elijah in Max's room instead of dusting and hanging up her clothes (she's at that stage where she tries fifty things on and doesn't want to wear anything. Wait, I'm in that stage too). I gathered up dirty laundry and left it in the upstairs hallway. I sat down to make an extensive grocery list, and then ended up talking to my mom on the phone and drinking too much coffee.
The list goes like this so far.
things for dinner and lunch for the week...

Now it's 2pm and I have only just cleaned the kitchen floor. Elijah will be waking up from his nap and neither Jeremiah or I have gotten showers or dressed to go to the store. I have no idea what I'm going to make for dinner this week AND I haven't started the laundry. :D

But, I uploaded photos from Elijah's first zoo trip yesterday! YAY! So enjoy his little milestone:


Miss Yvonne said...

"Blend that shit up, yo!"

That's my favorite sentence of the day.

marcia furman said...

ooOH you got to see the skunk!! lucky!