Monday, April 27, 2009

Okay Let's Do This Like Brutus!
**a little side note...I love saying the phrase above, but Jeremiah absolutely totally hates it. Hates it. I'm a mostly annoying person, and he puts up with quite a bit, so why does this one little thing bother him?**

Song Suggestions for you:

Spring makes me think of chilling on the porch watching the rain, taking long walks with my kids, opening all the windows in the morning and watching the sun creep across the backyard. It also makes me think of certain songs. Although there is no reason behind why these songs remind me of spring, I'll share them with you regardless. We can think I'm crazy together.

Jackson (Live) Who wouldn't enjoy a little Johnny Cash on a warm, sunny day?!

More Cash? Sure. Imagine a cool spring night, holding hands with your super cute boyfriend, thinking about how glad you are that you get to be together forever and ever and ever. Wait! Go get your own super cute boyfriend. You guys are creeping me out. First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

Fire And Rain I love alot of the remakes of this song, but today I love the original.

I just listened to this on pandora, and it made me smile. So it might not have been on my original list, but it sure as heck is now! Free Fallin'

Okay, here is where you're going to start to think I'm completely insane. It's okay, let's deal.
Kenny Rogers, yes, I said it outloud. KENNY ROGERS!!!!!!!!!! The Gambler
and don't forget:
Coward Of The County

I listen to Ben Folds everyday, so I guess I have to include his songs in every song suggestion blog: You To Thank (Album Version) I love the opening of this song:
"By the time the buzz was wearing off
we were standing out on the sidewalk
with our tattoos that looked like rings"

For my final suggestion (DRUMROLL PLEASE....come on!...I'm not coordinated enough to do my own drumroll)...
Just go and download this whole album, it makes every sunny day complete:Fashion Nugget
If you're as cheap as I am then you won't download the album, you'll just pick a few songs, so here are my faves...if I was forced to pick:Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
She'll Come Back To Me
Italian Leather Sofa
Frank Sinatra


Pop and Ice said...

Oh, oh Erin. Kenny Rogers? The Doobie Brothers? For real?

I have some country on my iPhone but, hey, I've got Dolly, Brooks and Dunn, Alison Krauss, Crystal Gayle and Glen Campbell. Yeah, I know, he's a creeper but I LOVE "Wichita Lineman". What can I say.

Steam Me Up, Kid said...

I LOVE Fashion Nugget. Totally stands the test of time. I just found that CD this weekend and fell in love all over again.

kara said...

i want james taylor to die in a freak yoga ball accident.

i just got ben folds tickets for brendan's birthday. don't tell him.

Anonymous said...

So I see you're following me now. Glad to have you. :)
I love Johnny Cash!