Friday, April 17, 2009

Birthday/Blondie/Bad Photo Bad

I had a very nice birthday yesterday, if anyone cares to know! ;)
My daughter's are sweet, my son is an angel, my boyfriend looks hot on a skateboard, my new friend Desha brought me a pink cake, my pappy, grandma, littlest sister and momma came over and made the day complete. Thank You.

(Plus my momma gave me a ton of shit! Thanks Momma! Who says you can't buy me love? ;) )

Over on the blogging front, I think I made a new buddy! Blondie, who I don't think is really Blonde? A buddy I'll probably never meet but...I think she thinks I'm cute! She's obviously never seen me like this:
Boy do I look pissed! That's one for the archives. I should go delete it now, but eh...humility is a good thing.


Pop and Ice said...

I'm glad you decided to celebrate your birthday after all. See, that didn't hurt! Lovely presents and a pink cake - what's not to like? Well, that hat, perhaps....but I'll see if it grows on me. Have a great weekend!

Magpie said...

See and you have a cooking blog that you could put a picture of the Eggs in Hiding on...

(I would have emailed you back, but I couldn't find an email address...)

So, tell me when you make it and post the photo!

Sam said...

Happy Birthday! I am still reeling that you were 27 and had four kids. I mean, I know you're 28 now, but...already with the four kids when you were 27. Wow.

BlondieLox said...

ha! you're a nut! & by the way >> best photo i've seen yet! *bbff*

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Haha, love the look.

And happy birthday!