Friday, October 31, 2008

Practice Halloween

Max and I were going through old costumes and found these! Elijah was pissed! He was struggling to get that cat suit off of him so badly. I'm not sure if it was the fur around the collar or the big pink patch on the front. How dare I insult his 'manhood'?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ben Folds makes me cry

You can't fool me, I saw you when you came out
You got your momma's taste but you got my mouth
And you will always have a part of me
Nobody else is ever going to seeGracie girl
With your cards to your chest walking on your toes
What you got in the box only Gracie knows
And I would never try to make you be
Anything you didn't really want to be Gracie girl
Life flies by in seconds
You're not a baby Gracie, you're my friend
You'll be a lady soon but until then
You gotta do what I say
You nodded off in my arms watching TV
I won't move you an inch even thought my arm's asleep
One day you're gonna want to go
I hope we taught you everything you need to knowGracie girl
And there will always be a part of me
Nobody else is ever gonna see but you and me
My little girl
My Gracie girl

I love this song, who wouldn't really. Go find it and listen to it now, nothing more cute and touching than a daddy writing music for his daughter. Or a musician pouring his heart and soul into a song for his 'girl', daughter, wife, whatever.
Some of my other faves:
Wonderful Tonight, I'm Yours and Bell Bottom Blues: Eric Clapton
Something and What is Life by George Harrison (all written about the same woman!!!! Imagine how egomanical she must be!)

Alison by Elvis Costello
Always on my Mind willie nelson or elvis, whatever floats your boat
Just the Way You Are by Billy Joel
Just Like a Woman Bob Dylan

There are soooo many more!
My boyfriend and the love of my life is a musician and it is one of my fondest dreams to have something composed by him with me in mind. Like he sat there and had a vision of me in his beautiful curly head. He put concentration and love into thinking about me and it came out of him in the form of a musical composition. What could be more perfect than that?

Monday, October 27, 2008

A Unique Love, A Brother's Love?

There is an old tale, and I'm not going to affiliate with any religion in this blog, so let's just say this old tale takes place in a land not too much like our own, but not so very different in essence.

There was once a great city in an even greater nation, ruled by an unusually cruel King. The King at times randomly practiced his cruelty at extreme cost to the people of his city.
One day, while strolling through the marketplace, he came upon a happy scene. A young woman was embracing her small son, and was surrounded by a circle of love, a family including her son, her brother and her beloved husband. Most Kings would be pleased by this scene of happiness and prosperity in his city, but this King was full of anger and jealousy. He ordered his guards to bring the family to his throne room, in front of his whole court, to be judged.
The family was shocked and afraid, but comforted by each other. They drew strens
gth from each other and bravely stood in front of King and his Court.
The King proclaimed, "One woman should not possess such a large and happy family while others are suffering and lonely. You will start to feel too comfortable and will fail as a citizen of this city. Therefore you shall be punished before this can happen to you".
Even the Court and The King's advisors were shocked by his words.
But the woman was not afraid, she deeply bowed in front of the King and replied, "Of course. We are at your mercy".
This of course angered the King even more. His face reddened, his voice booming, he handed down her punishment, "You have till this evening to choose one of your family members to live with you for your lifetimes. The rest shall be put to death before morning".
The whole throne room was shuddering with fear. But the woman had faith in her god(s) and in her family and she nodded in agreement to the King's fury.
That evening the family were brought in front of the King and all his court once again. The King could not hide his pleasure at the family's horrible predicament. With a sickening grin on his face he said, "Well, let us hear your decision...."
All eyes fell on her, some ashamed, some excited by the beating of their hearts. The woman clearly spoke, and though tears streamed from her eyes, she spoke loudly and clearly.
"I have had a son and husband, and although I love them dearly, I am young and I can marry again and bear other sons. But I can never have another brother. I trust my lord with all of my soul to care for my family in another life. So I choose my brother".
The room was lulled at first, then shocked by her decision. Even the King was taken aback.

I don't know the end of this story, and my guess is that it's not known because it's not relevant. The moral of the story is already told.

What do you think? What faith or ethnicity would you place this story in?

BUNNIES who doesn't love BUNNIES?

I made these two baby bunnies this weekend. I see amigurumis all the time but I'd never attempted to make them, and now I know why! This was super hard! I crocheted them up super fast but sewing them together took forever!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

On The Second Day of Christmas...Giveaway!

Lookie here! This is super exciting:
Ultra-Cute Crochet is featured in a giveaway on someone else's page. Not just my blog! :)

Check out Jen's blog, enter the contests! Win free, unique things!

This Giveaway is also mentioned here, with a big pic of Maxine!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Bleak House

Today is not sunny. Today no one has any energy, even Elijah is lying on a blankie eating some Kix. He's got a cold and he's all snotty and gross. Max vomited this morning (for the first time in her non-infant life). She's now in Rose's bed watching Sponge Bob and looking horribly ill.

I'm getting a cold, my hair is dirty and there are dishes in the sink and two full baskets of laundry to wash, fold and put away. Today is a pretty bleak day.

I've got pandora radio on waiting for either Elton John, Cake or....hmmm...George Harrison. That will make the day a little better. Maybe. If not, there's always tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

Oh the wonderous internet...who wouldn't want to take part in a giveaway. Even the word alone makes me smile!
Jen at is orchestrating one awesome giveaway called The Twelve Days of Christmas.

Right now she's featuring Prairie Girl Boutique for the first installment of her giveaway.
It's easy to enter and get this, my shop, Ultra-Cute Crochet will be taking part in this giveaway at the end of the month! Enter to win a custom made item by me, pick your design from the designs in the shop, pick your color and pick your size!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Gorgeous New Hat Models, New Hats

Here are two of my favorite kiddos in two new hats.
I think Mylee looks straight from Strawberry Shortcake...and Noah's a bonafide hat model. He's a ladykiller too, I can just tell!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

What We Have Inherited...

I've been thinking a little today about my children and what they have inherited from me and their fathers, I came up with a few things, but mainly I am convinced that Elijah is a Jeremiah clone. He looks exactly like him, the only time so far I thought he looked even a little bit like me was the day he was born. He looks at things the same way as Jeremiah, he is entirely stubborn and obssessive the same way, he loves music and is so interested in instruments. Jeremiah possesses incredible balance (which is even more pronounced considering I'm the world's clumsiest person), which Elijah definitely is showing signs of. I'll keep my eyes out for the signs of me in there, and I'll let you know if I see anything... ;)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Handle Me With Care

Does everyone remember The Traveling Wilburys? (Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne) Maybe I was the only kid that actually listened to them...
Regardless if you listened to them when they were putting out albums or not, go and check some of it out now! And by now I mean immeadiately, so we can talk about them later.
I especially like Tweeter and the Monkey Man (obviously a Dylan tune), If You Belonged To Me, Maxine...

Monday, October 13, 2008

A Blog about A Blog!

This great kick ass woman Jen blogged about my etsy store!

This is the new accessory she wrote about:

I look totally pissed in the second picture. I'm just concentrating on holding the camera... That's it...holding the camera.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Once Upon A Time...

Today seems tumultuous and a little bit horrible. In a few seconds it can seem like your world is turned upside down...and friends might not understand what is in my heart. All I can say to explain to anyone is read this, this tiny little look into a day when my whole life changed, even though I didn't know it at the time.

Once upon a time, there was a girl:

The girl was small and round, she had a cheery smile, a pleasant disposition and a quick, short step. She had recently pummeled her little brother for messing with her stereo and her arm felt reassuringly sore from his volitile defense. She was at the moment walking down the red brick hill and enjoying the sun and the wind on her face and in her hair. This delightful girl was heading towards her friends, a small group that spent most of their time skateboarding, and she that spent most of her time watching. She never really minded, actually enjoyed watching them roll around, jump and swear when they missed the trick they were attempting. Simple energy encased in arrogant boy movements, perfect in their own way. She was happy and content. This day would have been the same as many other she had spent in exactly the same way, except for the fact that it was....different. A few days before this day she had met a different boy, well, she hadn't exactly met him but she had seen him, heard him talk and watched him laugh and skate with her friends in an easy manner. She wasn't sure how old he was, he smoked fat camel cigarettes, but they all did. It donned on her at some general point since seeing him that she didn't care how old he was, it could be assumed he wouldn't be too much older than her, or the range of ages of her friends. These boys were all the same no matter how old they were, really. But for some reason she was convinced this particular boy was not the same. He was thin and attractive, with an easy smile and a bright expression. She heard him laugh many times in the short period she watched him and when she asked someone what his name was, she thought it unique. Later it would all make sense, but in this moment the thought of the fleeting moments she spent looking at him make a slow but beaming smile appear on her ready face. She had crossed the bridge at the bottom of the hill and could already see her friends at a distance. She wondered if the boy would be there this day and a quickening like butterflies took over her tummy.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Turtle Neck No Sweater

My new favorite item ever! I can't wait to make more of these for myself! I'm thinking one in black with big gold buttons and one in hot pink with big black buttons! Yay for Turtlenecks!

And now, look at me trying to be cool...laugh internally...not at me, I'm sensitive.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Now We're All Hat Models

I have been totally putting off listing some new hats in Ultra-Cute Crochet just because the pics of me modeling the hats were just ridiculous. Jeremiah kept on me telling me that they're not...I gave in mainly cause the store will be showcased on etsy October I wanted to have more hats online for sale.

Anyways here are some of the new hats (disregard my decaying appearance)... Give me your opinion! Tell me which ones you like the most, give me suggestions.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Max has really gone too far with this non-pottying thing. Just go on the frugging potty already you little tiny tyrant! I know it's a control thing, it's a no longer mommy's baby thing, it's a rebellion thing, but today it was a just plain disgusting mess thing.

We found Max upstairs practically covered from head to toe in her own feces today. She was in time out upstairs for refusing to let me get her dressed, and then in for more time out for refusing to pick up her dress up clothes. I came upstairs after leaving her alone for 10 minutes and was assaulted by a incredibly horrible odor. I knew she had pooped, but I didn't realize that she would poop and play in it and smear it all over her room. By all over her room I mean ALL OVER IT too. All over the carpet, all over her sister's bed (not hers) all over toys, stuffed animals, the walls and get this-the curtains. She also tried to put poop in the toilet (too little too late kiddo) and got poop all over the bathroom floor, toilet and tiled walls. I was shocked. Jeremiah was shocked. Her siblings were shocked. It was the last straw in our battle for toilet supremacy over Maxine Jane. I've tapped out on this battle. She can wear diapers for the rest of her life.


Mindi will know my aversion to poop, which started at a very young age. I think we were about 16 or 17 when I told her I would make a deal with the devil and have my period all the time in return for never having to poop again. It's just so gross. It stinks, it stains, it looks gross. This is the real curse put upon us by God, not the menstrual cycle. And the wisdom in my thought process is that we're all being punished, not just women. Men, women, girls, boys and babies. But most of all me. The Poop Queen. The Disposer Of All Things Poopy. Overrun by Poop. My thoughts are constantly assailed by visions of cleaning babies asses.

Someone please help me.