Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm The World's Biggest Crocheting Dork AND I'm Poor

This is the very very basic 'prototype' for new items for Ultra-Cute Crochet, my not very successful, not much worked on etsy shop. Keep in mind the blanket isn't finished etc..etc...

I'm planning on selling them as sets using a higher end yarn, maybe a super soft washable Merino wool.
I can't imagine selling a baby blanket that's not washable though.
Can you imagine getting a baby blanket for your baby shower or when the baby is first born and the gift giver says, 'I really wanted to get you this super nice handmade blanket, but the baby can't use it or she/he will totally annihilate it and all the money I spent on this thoughtful gift will go down the frugging toilet."

I was thinking of calling them the super gay name "Star Swaddlers" cause they would be ideal for swaddling babies. Duh, like I had to explain that to you oh so intelligent people who just spent too much time sitting here and reading me blather on about star swaddling nonsense.
I could also make a little baby beanie and booties set to match, or have I totally gone too far now? Would it also be totally out of line to suggest making these swaddling sets in Rainbow Brite Colors? How about a little matching star pillow with a crocheted cover??? AN ALL YELLOW SET?

But who knows if they'll sell, because as my mom often tells me (Mostly when I ask her to watch Elijah so we can go on a date), "People shouldn't be spending money on stupid things right now Erin, you and Jeremiah are POOR and so is most of the country." My mom obviously doesn't mince her words.

An neither do you, fellow bloggers! I've read recently that some of you are sailing down the proverbial shit crick without a paddle. Welcome to our world!
Ryan, who everybody loves cause he's sensitive and his wife is super hot writes about being poor HERE.
Shellbug99 has a whole blog dedicated to her absolute hate of being poor HERE.
There is actually a whole South Dakota Food Stamp Challenge going on, in ...South Dakota. Read their blog HERE. Super interesting what people can make due with, I freak out when I don't have goldfish to give the kids...ugh.


steenky bee said...

Um, yeah, It is totally embarassing that you like Ray-J. (Not really) I love on The Soup when Joel McHale describes Ray-J as being famous for making a sex tape with a girl who's famous for having a big a** and a sex tape. Gets me every time.

BlondieLox said...

i love the star swaddler! in rainbow, all the way!! - the pillows?? YES!! i'd put some of those puppies on my couch!!! even on my own bed!!! definitely my toddlers!!!
hey, makin' any really/very open knit hats for summer - the kind that just basically holds the hair back??

Miss Yvonne said...

Star Swaddler is an excellent name...go for it. I have no idea if anyone will buy them in this economy but it's worth a shot. I'm a photographer on the side and no one is booking gigs right now. Everyone is poor, like your mom says.

P.S. If you have Albertsons grocery stores where you live, Goldfish are on sale for 89 cents right now.

anymommy said...

I think it's really cute. Although, you have a point about unwashable baby blankets. You could go one worse...dry clean only. Lol.