Thursday, April 2, 2009

My April Fool's Day or The Day I Was A Fool

Most people who know me would probably think I'd be all over April Fool's Day, but my jovial nature hides the fact that I usually never prank because of my bone tingling fear of retaliation.

So, although I might seem like the prototype for The Merry Prankster, I am not.

When Olivia started on me to set up pranks for Jeremiah, who had just called and said he was on his way home from work early, I immediately said no. After a few moments of reflection (and badgering on the part of my beautiful brown eyed Olive) I remembered an occurrence last month where Jeremiah taped up the hose part of the sink, so while I was slaving over dinner I turn on the water to rinse out a pot and was absolutely drenched with water. I also had to clean it up cause Jeremiah was too busy laughing his ass off in the other room.
This flashback sent me to action!
I had about 15 minutes before he arrived home, so I put a giant glob of mayo on the front door handle, taped up the hose on the kitchen sink and then ran upstairs to put saran wrap on the toilet seat.
Then Olivia and Max hid in the basement, which was their idea, but I'm not sure how it was an April Fool's prank...and Elijah and I took post beside a front window to wait for our target.

I watched him walk up the front, up the stairs to the porch and....he knocked on the door. Obviously noticing the mayo. Which immeadiately disappointed me, cause the big plan was to get mayo all over his hands so that he had to go wash them in the kitchen sink! He was smiling and happy that he didn't fall for my prank, "Nice Try Baby..." apparently smug because I'm not as effective a prankster as he is.
Then he comes in and runs upstairs to pee, and I sneak up after him to hear him swear and get pee everywhere (which doesn't seem very funny now in retrospect). "Erin! That saran wrap thing might have worked, IF you didn't leave the wrap box on the sink next to the toilet!!!" Ugh! I am a giant failure, and he's laughing his butt off.
He comes downstairs and runs outside, he had noticed stuff from the recycling bin flying around the I dejectedly sit in the gameroom (the funny part is I forgot all about Max and Olivia in the basement, while Jeremiah was in the bathroom Max got sick of waiting and came upstairs, then Olivia cried for ten minutes cause Max ruined their surprise) and get to work on hemming Rose's pants when I hear Jeremiah cry out! The sink trick WORKED!! I had planned to have the camera ready, but I had forgotten all about it. Jeremiah got wet and thought it was pretty darn good prank (probably cause he knows I copied off of him) but in the end the pranking was bittersweet because Elijah got wet during the attack, and joined Olivia in cry baby balling.
I love these children more than anything, but COME ON! Get over the crying stage already!

I spent the rest of the night waiting for Jeremiah's revenge. It was a pretty uncomfortable night, and I was almost glad when Jeremiah fell asleep early. I was even paranoid after that, crawling into our bed...thinking he might have sabotaged it in some way...but so far, no retribution.

A little side story about April Fool's Day. My mom was due with me on April 1st. The cruelest prank I've ever heard of is that I didn't come that day or the next, I came 15 days later on April 16th. Two weeks overdue! APRIL FOOL'S MOMMA!


Miss Yvonne said...

Every year I tell my husband on April 1 that I'm pregnant. He never falls for it. Maybe I should come up with something new next year.

steenky bee said...

Sadly, at one time or another, I've fallen for all three of those pranks. In college, we would put Kool-Aid or Jello dust in the shower heads.

Maggie May said...

Ha! The ending is priceless.

Shannon said...

This is how my jokes would turn out if I even bothered to try.

I did try an April Fools on my kid once and it made him cry, so I swore them off after that, lol.

Thanks for coming by my blog.

Magpie said...

Ouch on the two weeks overdue. Bad bad April fool!