Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesdays are for Dorks, and Deniro

Hello World,
Is it totally unfounded to state that the weather is fickle and cruel? Last night when we were taking out the garbage it was freezing cold and there was an uncomfortable biting wind.
Today, while the baby is sleeping and I have a million things to do inside it's absolutely positively gorgeous out. Weather, you are inhumane.
Somebody ought to do something about it...

So anyways, can I tell you some random things I think are extremely cool/interesting, but you probably won't give a shit about? Great, let's get started:

Jeremiah, my oh-so-better half, looks exactly like Deniro in Taxi Driver. Yes, I know Deniro is a psycho in that movie, but psycho-ness has nothing to do with looks, right? Mmmhmmm. So Check It Out:

After perusing through our photos I realized that Jeremiah is smiling in more photos than I would guess he would be smiling in. This kind of ruins my examples of how much Jeremiah looks like Deniro in Taxi Driver, but it still a delightful surprise. What an incredibly hot dude. Thanks Fate! (Ignore how pig-like I look in the one photo. Actually, that's not even me, it's just an uglier less photogenic version of me that came out to attend my cousin's wedding that day.)

More randomness, I adore pickled things. I eat bread and butter pickles, pickled beets, pickled brussel sprouts, pickled cauliflower. I must be an incredible acidic person. Somebody should lick my arm and see if I'm pickled. Go ahead, I allow you. And who knows, if you like pickled as much as I do, you might just enjoy it.

This isn't entirely random per se...
I love James Jean. Take a few minutes and go over his portfolio. I wish I was more of an artsy person, I'd decorate my room with his prints. I especially like Ballad
Weep Flip and Treat

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

BPA Free Baby Awesome-ness

I freaking love these baby toys! I have no idea why I'm still looking at baby toys when my youngest is 18 months old and there's not a baby in sight... Regardless, I love these baby toys. BPA Free, which is super cool, and they're totally crazy looking. I love giving really unique new baby gifts, or baby shower gifts too though. Maybe I just want some for myself...all my wisdom teeth haven't come in yet...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Breastfeeding Power!

I am coming off of a super duper bad flu, so when I read this blog post this morning, I was convinced I was seeing things due to my post-flu haze. A Woman With Bottle-Feeding Guilt

I'm sure I could be considered nuts by some for being pregnant and nursing for 9 years straight, but when I became a mother I realized that my children are incapable of taking care of themselves and it my job as their mother to provide the best possible care for them. And breastfeeding is absolutely hands down one of the best things any mother can do for their child!

I was going to respond by commenting on the blog, mostly because there were suprisingly few comments against the blog. Instead I came across this woman's comment and her Blog Response.
Great Job, T!

I'm selfish and obviously spoiled by not working outside of the home. There are a lot of things we're missing out on monetarily. My van broke down and we can't run out and get a new one! (This one sucks for sure). We don't have a giant house, although it would be lovely. I really really really wanted to take Jeremiah to Ireland for his birthday this year. A couple composition notebooks had to suffice, I guess.

Breastfeeding is never easy, but after breastfeeding four children, I've had every 'problem' in the book. I had a very small baby who seemed to not be gaining enough weight (I just nursed her more), I had a baby who had awful newborn rashes (I cut out all tomatoes for a couple weeks, she cleared up, never had any other problems), I had a colicky, gassy baby who cried for hours straight (I nursed her on demand FOREVER and got lots of help) and I had a GIGANTIC 11 pound newborn everyone, including our pediatrician told me I'd never have enough milk to sustain his growth (at 18 months old he's heavier than his 4 year old sister, and still nursing).

Until this year when we were hit with a outbreak of flus and ear infections, my kids have been the healthiest kids I've ever known. My six year old daughter was 2 1/2 before she ever had a cold AND has never had an ear infection. I always think of her as my super baby, fueled by the milk I made for her with my body.

I know they say, 'To each their own',and I hear 'Mind your own business' even more, but please do not influence pregnant mothers to forgo breastfeeding for formula feeding just because it's too hard. It's not hard, it's enlightening. It's stretching yourself to do things you never thought possible. It's working the hardest you can for the tiny person most important to you in life. It's putting someone else's needs before your own. It's the act of creating life and nourishing it with your own body. What could be more fufilling than that?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Windy Day and A Birthday

We were in and out of the house all day yesterday getting a little taste of Spring! What stinks big time is that it seems that Elijah might have allergies, he starts coughing and snotting everywhere minutes after we step outside. He really loves being outside despite all the snot and continuous nose wiping, I had to drag him kicking and screaming into the house so I could make dinner!

We visited Jeremiah's dad last weekend for his 60th Birthday. Jeremiah snapped a couple crappy photos (darn you camera!!!) of Elijah helping Dave open his card and gift:

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Song Suggestions

This weeks songs suggestions are all about being a kid again. These songs are some of my favorites from my formative years!

Maybes I saw Pennywise at Warped Tour two years in a row. I even bought merch from them, which I never never did...mostly cause I was super duper cheap!

Only In Dreams This Weezer album: Weezer
was what we listened to when we were cruising in the car. I had this horribly beat up portable c.d. player that the passenger had to hold super still so it didn't skip through the whole album. Cruising in my Chevy Celebrity station wagon, listening to Weezer.

Now, I know that I was totally cool when I was a teenager, and I know that you know that too...but all these years of being totally cooler than all of you I've been keeping a dirty little secret. I loved pop rap...especially girl pop rap. What About Your Friends
Oh yeah! Now you know!

You have no idea how many times I've played this album in my 27 years on the planet. Licensed To Ill
If you've never heard this album before, and you're over 20, you almost certainly won't enjoy it...Having said that, have at it, prove me wrong! ;) These two songs were my favorites Girls
Brass Monkey

Mindi, if you're reading this I know you're feeling me yo!

Friday, March 13, 2009

I Don't Fantasize about Men or Vacations....

It's Friday! For stay at home mom's Friday only means one thing: soon there will be another adult to hang out and be bored with all day long. The added plus is that this partner is also the love of your life! Yay!

But despite the fact I get to hang out with Jeremiah for two straight days, I have something else on my mind. A Kindle is all I can think about. My friend lent me a book from the MYST series and I read it last night. So I researched some of the other books in the series and couldn't find any at the library. I was discouraged, but definitely in the mood to read, so I searched some titles I was interested in reading on our libraries online catalog. They did not have ONE of the books I was looking for! Frustrating. So then I started fantasizing about the Kindle. Oh Kindle, Kindle, Kindle.

I was just browsing through some of bizillion titles for The Kindle and some of them are free! Or pretty cheap! So why haven't I scooped this amazing piece of electronic coolness seemingly invented and devised solely for me? This piece of gadgetry is not cheap. It costs more than a Wii, for goodness sakes alive! Maybe I can sell our Wii and all the games...hmmm....

Anyways, no one would spend this much money on me, I wouldn't spend this much money on myself, and I doubt that anyone would want to be party to reducing me into a zombie-like state for hours everyday curled up in a corner with my glorious Kindle. The children would suffer, the housework would sit and build up and my already annoying use of incorrect vocabulary would escalate to unbelievable heights.
And still...Kindle, oh Kindle, You're all I can think about!!!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Playing in the Sun (while it lasted)

It was finally warm outside for a day or two last week! Yay! But now's it's freezing. Boo! So here are pics from playing outside last week to give us all something to look forward to:

This wasn't taken outside, but it's still hilarious.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Garsh! I'm most definitely in a music mood lately. It seems like I can't get enough! Much to Max's chagrin, I've been listening to pandora.com while doing an hour of yoga/pilates (no fancy machine though!) at Elijah's naptime. I usually listen to pandora all day long, but just for background music, like I need anymore noise in this house, right?

Today so far I've noticed three standout songs so far today, all pretty familiar:

Wild Horses
by The Sundays: A Rolling Stones remake, I've heard this song done by a couple people (Tori Amos for one) but I really like this version second to the Stones one.

You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go (Album Version)
by Bob Dylan Classic. Simple.

Read My Mind
by The Killers I love this band, even though they are popular, and that's an instant turn-off! ;)

"The good old days, the honest man;
The restless heart, the Promised Land,
A subtle kiss that no one sees;
A broken wrist and a big trapeze."
A subtle kiss that no one sees...that sounds like the beginning of a very delicate short story.

ENJOY your day!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Movie Buff's Best Friend

Jeremiah bought me a Roku for Valentines Day. It's absolutely the neatest thing ever. We use it nearly ever night! We already had a Netflix subscription, so this was a natural progression for us. So for $8.99/month we can watch unlimited movies on our t.v. in our livingroom. (When before I was watching netflix movies on our tiny computer screen) It's definitely worth the purchase for anyone with kids too, unlimited kids movies and t.v. shows too, straight to the Roku and your t.v.! Included in that 8.99/month is one movie at a time delivered to our door, new releases that aren't necessarily available on the Roku for instant viewing. No late fees, just plop it in the mailbox when you're done! Max kept My Neighbor Totoro for months once. Watched it everday!

Max loves Calliou, and there's five or six Calliou sets, we watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit the other night, and Olivia and I watched a painting documentary earlier this afternoon.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bye Bye Curls: Before And After!

Here's the Before, where you can clearly see I made a totally mess of his bangs and turned my son's hair into a Mega-Mullet. Jeremiah insisted we get it cut, he's innately against all forms of mullets, even baby ones. Elijah whined a little bit in the beginning, but he was such a big boy! He constantly impresses me. Look at that pout!

Here's Elijah, my little baby boy with a normal baby boy haircut:

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Read Me. Sort of like 'Eat Me' except you won't grow or shrink

I get a lot of feedback from my 'Song Suggestions' blogs, so I thought I'd add a Book Suggestions thingy on the right side of my blog. I'm always asking people for book suggestions, and I'm certainly in a book rut right now!

Take a look at my suggestions, get a bundle of them and read your little hearts out. The more you read, the more you grow! ;)