Thursday, November 27, 2008


Everyone's always talking about what they're thankful for every single thanksgiving. What's up with that? haha.
So here's my list:
I'm thankful for the sun. Some days I wake up and the sun is streaming in through the windows and it's like bliss. Warm and bright, it often reminds me of Olivia.

I'm thankful for our home with it's white walls and built in bookcases. I'm thankful that Jeremiah works so hard to provide us with such a nice home.

I'm thankful for the moments I get along with my siblings, I'm thankful that I've had so much time with my grandparents. I'm lucky and fortunate to have spent my life with them.

I'm thankful for books and everyone who's ever written one. I'm jealous and in awe.

I'm thankful that my children are so incredibly healthy. We're blessed with vibrant, happy and healthy children. They might be messy sometimes, and they might fight way too much, but they're not sick.

I'm thankful for the moments with Jeremiah that are quiet and peaceful. I know I'm a pain in the arse, but I can feel how much he loves me in those moments and it makes everything seem worthwhile.

I'm thankful for Ben Folds. I know that sounds silly, but I listen to him everyday and he just makes me smile. Thanks dude.

Hope everyone has a safe holiday and all that crap!

Monday, November 24, 2008


These are some new 'designs' I've been messing with. Little change purses! I'm calling them 'Mindies' because they remind me of my Mindi, but don't ask me how a crocheted item could remind me of a person.
Tell me which one you like the best so I get an idea of which ones I should sell or make more of!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

This is CarolLeeDesigns and I LOVE her greeting cards. Especially 'Hate Mail for the Holidays'. Hilarious!
- Looks like you've donned your gay apparel
- Time to get out the fat pants
- Mistletoe, schmistletoe. I've got mace.
- Wishing you an acceptable Christmas and an adequate New Year
- Restraining order be damned. I'll see you at Christmas.
- He sees you when you're sleeping.

My favorite is the 'restraining order' one. I think I might be getting these to supplement my photo cards this year! Hooray!

The shop also has a Spring Line Up:
- You go, girl. No, really. Go.
- Welcome to reality. Here's your shovel.
- It's a good thing you're pretty.- Your probation officer must be so proud.
- I admire your low standards.
- Jesus loves you... but I hear He's not picky.
- Congrats to you and the baby daddy.
- When I found out, the fourth person I thought of was you.
- U.G.L.Y. you ain't got no alibi, you ugly.
- Karma called and she didn't sound happy.- You're a special kind of crazy.
- Check yourself before you wreck yourself.
- Why can't you be more like your sister.
- A little birdie told me you suck.
- You say 'tomato'. I say 'shut the hell up'.
- Why can't I hate the player and the game?

I'm tempted to get the "Why can't you be more like your sister?" for my sister's birthday...Too bad it's almost a year away...Maybe I'll get it for my mom, who has three sisters...

The Way You Make Me Feel

Ironic that I would talk about 'time spent' while I'm typing on the computer and watching my son try to climb up the mammoth kitchen set, but bear with me just this once (and then once next week, and maybe two or three more times after that).
I have been thinking alot about the time we spend with our loved ones, and what kind of mark we're making on them, and vice versa. Sometimes you equate a certain person with the emotion they make you feel when you are with them, or talking to them.

When I'm with my children I feel proud and happy. Max is more testing than the other three, which makes the moments when she's not disturbing everything around her heightened and more joyful.

Jeremiah makes me feel beautiful and complete. Everyone has their battles and ups and downs. I would work through most anything with him, because I know in my heart he is ever mine. And how many people can know that in their lifetime? So, he also makes me feel lucky.

My mother makes me feel like I should be busier. Like she could stop over at any minute and I'll be sitting here typing something like this! Doh!

Liz makes me feel funny and helpful, even though I doubt I'm rarely either of those things!

Me me me, this is how you make me feel people! Other people's blogs make me feel human and informed. Watching MSNBC at night while I'm falling asleep makes me feel more informed as well, like I'm getting all the pertinent information through osmosis (which I'm not).

David Letterman makes me feel silly, Jeff Goldblum makes me frazzled...sort of the same way my mom does, although I'm not sure why. Strange. Maybe Jeff Goldblum is my real father.

Olivia's bus driver makes me feel relaxed. This kick ass old dude drops her off in front of our house everyday, just cause he's totally nice. Thanks old dude! I try to smile and say 'Hello' and 'Thank You!' everyday.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Rosey Posey

I know I talk about my kids ALL THE TIME, but I took some photos of Rose in a new set for the store, and she is absolutely amazing. Breathtaking. Amazing. Here, I'll show you!
Rose used to tell me that she was going to be America's Next Top Model. Obviously it was no stretch of the imagination!

Customer Photo from Mandy

Here are two more customer photos from Mandy in Flordia. She purchased one of my favorite hats and also left me the nicest feedback at my store at Ultra-Cute Crochet:

"Completely awesome work! Extremely comfortable to wear, durable, and great fit! I'm in love the hat (and so is everyone else)! You people are crazy if you don't buy some of Erin's work! I can't wait to get more."

Sooo nice!

I love getting to see customer photos!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Customer Appreciation Photo

Here is a very cute, but very small 'customer appreciation' image. The beanie on this adorable baby boy was a custom order. It makes me think I should get more pictures of Elijah in his beanies. He doesn't leave them on for very long. Oh, the irony.

Princess Leia Covers the Election on CNN!

Did anyone see this last night? "Help me Obiwan, you're my only hope" is all I could think of. And Wolf Blizter nearly peed his pants. Do you think he could really see her there, that it was a real hologram? I was thinking it was more like we could see it and he couldn't but he was acting like he could to shock and amuse us.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Elijah's First Trick or Treat!

Elijah went trick or treating for the first time last night. His sisters went to their dad's earlier in the day so he had us all to himself. At first he seemed a little unsure, like he was trying to figure out whether he should show off his strange outfit, or be embarassed. By the end of the night he didn't want to go back to his Grandma's house, so she ended up walking him around for another half hour! Just as a side note, this penguin costume was worn by both of my brothers! So cute.