Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Egging

My baby sister came to help us color eggs last week, and even with her help it was a little bit tense here.
Max wanted to splash dye onto paper towels like paint instead of coloring eggs then she ended up painting one egg with a egg-painting kit we had found and left the area altogether in favor of watching Calliou (that annoying little piss-ant) in the gameroom.

Hannah, Rose and I had come up with 'natural' egg dyes and they really came in handy. We boiled blueberries for purple, made really strong orange tea for orange and attempted to make a green color with green tea and spinach (which failed miserably!). Thank Gosh we did make these dyes or poor 'egg-dye addicted' Elijah wouldn't have been able to color eggs with the other kids. He was intent on drinking whatever cup was in front of him, so originally he gulped a large amount of the dye-vinegar mixture we all know and love. So I gave him the orange tea instead and he spent alot of time drinking it and breaking eggs into it.
Here's a little group of pictures from his adventure with ege-dye tasting:

The three older kids fared better with their eggs. Out of four dozen eggs, two dozen remained intact and not cracked. Jeremiah ate his fair share of hard boiled eggs that night! Here are the heroes who not only saved those two dozen eggs from destruction, but also made them quite lovely:


Miss Yvonne said...

The blue face is killing me! Love it!

Vic said...

Painting paper towels is cool, actually. Your pictures look just like my house at Easter, only neater than mine!