Saturday, April 18, 2009

Olivia Blows a Bubble/Naps are Boring

I'm sitting here on this oh so gorgeous day waiting for Elijah to get up from his nap so I can take him on another walk. Me and this kid have so much downtime on the weekends it's nuts. I should get one of those 'teach your baby to read' systems and see if it works. Or I can just wrestle and kiss and cuddle him all day instead....
We played outside most of the day Thursday and Friday. Olivia loves bubbles, which isn't different from any other kid on the planet. But she could blow bubbles for days and days.

Which is good for me cause it gives me more time to wrestle and kiss and cuddle with the baby!

Max, on the other hand just wants to pop the bubbles. See how ticked she is when I told her to try blowing them instead of popping them:

Elijah spent a pretty long time trying to blow a bubble...but his bubble bottle was empty. Olivia blew bubbles at him and he thought he was doing it. Funny how such tiny gestures can just make someone's day a better day.

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Sam said...

You've got some freakin' gorgeous kids, girl. And someone is quite the photographer.