Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Even Give Up On The Easy Crap!

Okay, my not so blonde friend over HERE tagged me. I think everyone knows how much of a sucker I am for these taggy things, so they tag the hell out of me! Go Ahead Ladies! TAG AWAY, I can totally handle you and your taggity taggy tags.

#1:What is your current obsession?
This is funny cause Blondie's first obsession is cilantro, which is also my current obsession! Yay for cilantro! Bikes is also at the top of the my obsession list. I watched Jeremiah look at bikes for probably three or four hours this week, he finally bought one on Monday, and I still have yet to find one!

#2:Who was the last person you hugged?
Elijah just crawled down from my lap to go in the gameroom and watch Max and Ruby with Maxine and he hugged me before he fled my presence.

#3:What's your favorite dinner?
This is a hard one, probably Japanese. I like spicy scallop roll, miso soup, edamame. I also make an awesome spicy fish soup...Jeremiah's chili is pretty darn good.

#4:What are you listening to right now?
Pandora radio, if you don't already use it go there now! I have the most awesome quickmix, cake is playing right now. Okay, now it's The Police! Yay!

#5:What was the last movie you saw in the theater?
I actually have no idea. I guess if I sat here and gave it some thought, I could come up with it.

#6:What was the last thing you bought?
Pizza for Max's birthday party last night? Jeremiah bought a bike on Monday...I am planning on buying Rose some new clothes this weekend...

#7:What is your favorite weather?
I love those chilly days when the only warmth provided is from the shining sun. Jeans, a t-shirt, a jacket, a super cute hat. My favorite weather is walk around forever and never be too hot/cold weather.

#8:Say something to the person who tagged you
I am totally jealous of your photographic skills and equipment. I still don't believe you ACTUALLY live in MO. Nobody really lives there, it's a non-exsistent place, like Crakotoa.

#9:Coffee or Tea? I love coffee. Nothing can ever come close to the adoration I have for my favorite beverage, but Jeremiah drinks tea and I don't mind it all that much. Green tea takes some getting used to...

#10:What did you want to become as a child?
An actress, a writer and a FBI agent...essentially I just wanted to be Scully or Gillian Anderson.

#11:If you could go anywhere in the next hour, where would it be?
Anywhere Jeremiah wants to go. I just miss him so much today. Most days I miss him, but it's not a big deal. Today I just feel achy, maybe it's the change in weather.

#12:Who do you want to meet in person?
Is this one of those question that requires introspection? Cause I'm totally not into that today. I used to always say Marlon Brando, but he's dead now. Ben Folds? Oh my gosh that sounds awful and silly. Of all the people in the world ERIN would want to meet Ben Folds? That's like getting a giant powerful genie in front of you and wasting a wish on securing WORLD PEACE or something dumb like that. ;)

#13:What is your most challenging goal right now?
Not So Blonde totally beats me with this one. She has a great self-reflecting answer about raising her children and being a better person. I can't even think like that when my most challenging goal is not going into the kitchen and preparing myself a giant honking peice of birthday cake from last night and stuffing my fat face with it. It's a rough day folks!

#14:What is your weirdest obsession?
Well, I don't have any weird obsessions at all. None that I should talk about on the internet, at least. I might end up with the police in my yard and my ex here to take away my girls. ;)

OKAY I give up. This is just exhausting. Especially now that I wrote about the cake thing...
So I'll tag a few people and be on my merry little way. I obviously didn't live up to my first paragraph's expectations.
Bless This LADY, she's so introspective and brave.
This Toasty Chick was recently scarred by sharing a room with some randy and rude friends, so I'll make her day a little harder and tag her!
This DUDE has squirrels messing around in his hair and a shiny forehead.
This BLOG has two chicks, but I'm not sure who left me this hilarious comment the other day:
"your idea isn't a bad one. and i imagine like any little girl her age, going out afterwards and picking out the new skivvies of her choice might be a fun reward for her (perhaps you've already tried that). i've potty trained more children than i like to count and that's something that i've often recommended to parents.

and then i'd go home to my childless apartment and collapse with a cocktail filled with glee."


Miss Yvonne said...

Ha ha, Ben Folds! That part made me laugh so hard and I don't even know why.

Prosy said...

thanks! Now I don't have to think of anything to write tomorrow and I can just eat ice cream instead! Yay!

Pop and Ice said...

I feel overwhelmed today between the blogs I read, Twitter, my headache, but I have to say that your answers seemed to be so *original* to me, that they are so genuine.

So just a *Hi* today and hopefully more thoughtful comments in the future.

kara said...

aww man, now i have to answer questions?! you didn't tell me reading this blog would give me homework. i quit.

seriously though...i'm gonna do this one because of your sweet shout out. quid pro quo, doctor.

and it's pretty much always kara posting because the waif doesn't do ANYTHING now that she has two bebes. i like to call her lazy because she's skinnier than me.

PLO said...

You aren't an FBI agent? I am so disapointed. I thought this was Gillian Anderson's blog. I will be sure to tell Ben to stop by. :)

BlondieLox said...

hehehe.... this was great!

oh &:

take that!

Dr Zibbs said...

I will be checking out Pandora's radio now.