Thursday, April 9, 2009


I'm a hopeless romantic when it comes to music (but not anything else really, ask Jeremiah). There's nothing better than listening to someone you've never met, nor will ever meet, pour their heart out to any volume you deem proper.

Today's Song Suggestions are all love songs, or I interpret them to be.
And really, most of the songs I will ever suggest for you to listen to and love will be love songs. Get over it now and we'll move on together!

Gay Gay Gay! Better Together
by Jack Johnson Come on though! I hate admitting listening to this song all the time, but it's just so sweet. And Mr. Johnson obviously puts a lot of thought into his songs.

Trust Me
by Janis don't get me wrong here folks, I'm not a hippy. (Like that's just the most awful thing to be, heehee) But there's this total truth in her voice, she's feeling real honest emotions. She's not clever, she's not cool, she's just a mess and we all feel like that sometimes.

I know I've talked about this before but George Harrison and Eric Clapton wrote some of the most amazingly beautiful love songs of all time about ONE WOMAN. Her name is Patty. She was first Harrison's wife and then Clapton's and before she jumped from one genius to the other, Harrison and Clapton had been best friends. Intriguing!
Something by George Harrison. I added a link to the video instead of the digital download so you could see the infamous Patty. Now, I love this song very much, but when I learned that even Frank Sinatra said it was the greatest love song ever written, I was on board 110%.

**a total side note: It's super sad to watch this video. I think everyone hates Yoko, but you can tell how much they love each other when you see them together. It must have been so painful to live through his tragic death.**
***another total side note: after George got over the Patty ordeal, he married Olivia Harrison and had many many years with her and their son before he died in 2001.***

Tori Amos doesn't write music about her husband (she's said so many times) BUT she admits that 'Thank You' by Led Zeppelin is 'their song'. So here's Tori doing Thank You (LP Version)

There are some songs that transcend the romantic relationship and can be applied to the 'Love Affair' parents have with their children. I have songs for each of my babies, I mean kids and at my daughter's births I played the songs I sang to them during my pregnancy. I broke from that tradition with Elijah's birth, cause it wasn't necessary cause I had Jeremiah there with me.
So Rose's song was You'll Be In My Heart (Phil Version)
Olivia's Your Song
(which makes me cry almost every time, in the car, in the shower, while I'm dusting)
Max's was Accidentally In Love
but it was kind of loud in the delivery room. I played it for her everyday while I was pregnant with her. During her very long labor I mostly listened to Jay-Z's The Black Album [Explicit] which the nurses just loved.

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Miss Yvonne said...

Awesome songs...I'm a sucker for a sappy love song/story/movie/commercial.