Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Tomorrow is my 28th birthday.
I'm a huge whiny turd, I know, but it just feels so weird.
I don't have my mom hugging me conspiratorially all month long calling me her Birthday Princess. She used to tell me how many days till my birthday and we used to plan a big birthday party. We were like little buddies, all smiles, giggles and excitement. It wasn't until my first week at college that I realized I didn't even know which day in September HER birthday was on. How bad does that suck?!
I guess right then it should have dawned on me that being a mom sucks the big one, sometimes (chill out! I know being a mom is a gift and I should be glad all my children are so healthy and amazing).

So here is a little section of today's blog about my mom, in honor of my birthday.
*disclaimer: I kiss my mom's ass all the time writing things for her and making her cry for being mean to me all the time. The truth is, I'm not kissing her ass AND 80% of the time I probably deserve the thrashings I get from her*

My mom made every birthday special for me. She bought me ultra-thoughtful gifts, she baked my birthday cakes, made my favorite foods, invited my favorite people to my parties, she did everything to make my birthdays memorable and special. I had a birthday party every year of my childhood, even when she was pregnant with my super annoying siblings, and they usually ruin everything ;).
Our house was always spotless, she was always in her PJ's and we always had time to talk, play and spend time together. In the beginning of my life she was never frazzled (that came later, with Ben and Kate, told you they ruin everything) and I was the most loved little girl on the face of the planet.
Thanks Momma!

This morning my daughters complained that I wasn't throwing a birthday party FOR MYSELF. They are totally bummed that there will be no cake, no party and no singing. I told them even I couldn't stoop as low as throwing my own birthday party, at least not this year. Maybe I'll throw my own 30th birthday party...30...still two years away, plenty of time to plan!
Then Olivia informed me that I can just BAKE my own cake, and then it wouldn't be like I went out and spent money on it. Thanks for that Olive!
Rose told me, "It's okay Mom, people just don't care that much about birthday after they're like 20."
And Max cried cause she thought we were talking about how we weren't having a birthday party for her birthday on the 28th. Poor baby.

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Pop and Ice said...

Throw the party. Make your kids happy. Enjoy some cake. Really. I mean it. And STOP calling your Mom everyday! It's just not necessary and it's obviously not good for you. Oh, and happy birthday. For real!