Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tannic Tuesday? (What does Tannic mean? I think I read it in Rosemary's Baby)

Alot of people have cute theme names for their weekly posts "Wordless Wednesday" "Freebie Friday" "Tubular Tuesday", (ok so I made that one up). I realized somewhere along the way on my 2*ahem*8 years on the planet that I'm not as cool as everyone else.

I should be talking about how I had a run in with a super annoying telemarketer this morning. (This jackass kept saying, "But how do you get your local news?" while I was insisting he take me off whatever calling list he has dialed my number from. Then finally he said, "Ok I can remove you from our calling list as soon as you tell me where you get your local news from."
I don't bargain with terrorist arses so I told him to 'shut up' (classy, right?) and hung up. My two oldest daughter's both asked, "Was that Daddy?" (my ex husband) and then I felt like a tremendous ass for a couple hours....)

Or talking about how I hate the President or how I hate the Republicans or posting links to all the great blogs I read every day...
(I like this Anna chick alot, I love this chick at Condi'sHair too, so go to Anna's first and then to Condi's and it's funny...I assume it's done on purpose, but if it's not it's even funnier)

But since I'm not funny, or even clever enough to talk about anything other than my kids, I'll instead post some adorable photos and that will fill in anytime I should be talking about things other than them!

And this photo below is for Jeremiah's sister in law Julie. She sent this adorable little bracelet to Max for her birthday and it came late because she had to change it when she found out Max's favorite color is black!!! It's an excellent gift and Max really loves it! THANKS JULIE!!!


Pop and Ice said...

"Was that Daddy?" I'm laughing outside on my porch reading this!

It took a few years, but the ex and I stopped fighting and started working together. Or at least we're being civil to each other.

I love Olivia's photo. That girl has spunk!

erin said...

Pop:We're actually pretty civil now...much more so then when we were together. So I was surprised when they thought I was talking to him. They pick up more than you think they do!

Anonymous said...

"Was that daddy?"
Classic! :)

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

Too funny. I've just started reading your blog, and I like it.

I try not to get too profound on my blog either. I think it would be a disservice to my husband, who reads it. Then, I'd have to actually speak to him to explain what it is he just read... :o)

Miss Yvonne said...

Bwahahahaaaa...was that daddy? That was fantastic, even if you do get along okay now.

You should have told that telemarketer "I get my local news from your mom". I find using "your mom" works in pretty much every situation.

kara said...

awww shucks. i think you're funny too! we need to seal this deal with a tea party. and cakes.

seriously though, dealing with telemarketers is almost aerobic. it sounds like you're good at it. efficient without breaking too much of a sweat.