Saturday, May 30, 2009


I've read a couple posts lately about Facebook, pretty hilarious ones, actually. The lady at Housewife Diaries made me paranoid about which kind of mess I am now, and asserts my original inclination not to attend my upcoming Ten Year Reunion. And over here Mr Zibbs over here gets some facebook loving from a big fan.

I trashed my myspace page a while ago, mainly cause it made me feel like a teenager. I hated prettying it up all the time and denying friendships with weird random perverts who told me they 'like my style' or 'love my boobs'.

Facebook is better. I love talking to people I wouldn't usually get to chat with, and there's a neat sense of voyeurism to seeing what other people have to say to your friends etc...etc...
I like that I can just message someone or comment on their status instead of having to call them. My best friend Mindi and I have a strange no calling relationship. She's my closest friend, yet we never talk. Maybe once every two months. We IM on facebook and send random messages instead.
I also LOVE this:

Erin completed the quiz "Which Goonie Are You?" with the result 'Stef'.
Feisty, dry and a bit of a skeptic, you're all for adventure, but you don't want to feel like you're "babysitting and not getting paid"! Possibly the coolest Goonie..

I thought I was definitely going to be 'Munch' or the 'slick shoes' kid. But instead I'm the girl that hooks up with 'Mouth'. Sounds about right.


Tasha said...

Haha- good one! You should DEFINITELY go to your reunion! I went to mine in 2005 (dont tell anyone how old I am) and I had a freakin blast. It was freaky but fun all at the same time.

I'm on facebook every day, too. :P

Anonymous said...

My reunion was in 2006. The picnic we had at noon the day of was more fun than the actual reunion party that night.
I love Facebook. Especially how everyone's so different now.

Dr Zibbs said...

Thanks for the mention. And if you want to ad something else to you list, join Twitter.

I just joined a few weeks ago and I'm addicted.

Sam said...

Those were delightful. :) I have an aggrieved relationship to Facebook myself, and have thought of blogging about it many times, but I'm too much of a wuss and don't want to piss anyone off. :)

Also I would friend you, but don't know your last name. :)

Miss Yvonne said...

I just recently joined (is that the right word?) facebook because I was all "I'm too old for this shit" but then I did it and I've found so many old friends. It's pretty cool, gotta admit. I refuse to take the quizes though.

kara said...

ok, as an oregonian and a child of the 80s, you're killing me here:

'Munch' = Chunk

'slick shoes' kid = Data

i'm telling you, if you hadn't gotten "Mouth" right, i would've stormed out and never come back.

that's a lie, but a pretty convincing one.