Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jon and Kate get eaten alive by murderous Mako Sharks

Have any of you read this Jon and Kate Plus eight crap?

How come he goes out and cheats on her with a 23 year old and she's the bad guy?
If you want nice things for your kids, you're a villain, if you work to make more money, you're a bad mother.

I've seen a few episodes, and although Kate does seem domineering, who the heck cares?! She's got eight kids in her house, regardless of how much help she has, and she's responsible for their care at all times.
I have half the amount of children to care for, and sometimes only five days a week (I share custody of my three oldest children with my ex-husband), does that mean my job as a mother and caretaker is somehow negated?

One article I read about the whole 'scandal' says that Jon was pissed that she was traveling and working so much. I guess he's pretty mad about that $1.1 million dollar mansion her hard work brought them too! Freaking jerk-off, that guy. He's so vain and whiny. He's the main reason I don't watch the show, aside from all the whining kids. I have enough of that at home, I'm not going to watch it on T.V.

Ok, so I got that off of my back. I get on the computer to check my email this morning and I'm assaulted by all this crap...it just bothers me. People obviously love their t.v. show! Why wouldn't they pursue their careers in the entertainment business if they're providing good lives for their children? Are the kids abused, neglected? Will they be hurt by all this media coverage of their parents split? Maybe, but maybe watching it later in life might give them a little bit of insight on what happened, instead of always wondering about it. Lot's of people split up, lots of people make mistakes, make amends and move on. I just don't think that Kate Gosselin should be lambasted like this.


Isabel Princes said...

I used to be Kate's biggest fan. Finally, a real mom who wasn't perfect all the time.

But I don't think you can find a psycologist alive that would agree that these types of marital problems being put all over tv is healthy for the kids. They can't shelter the kids from this much attention, and quite frankly, it doesn't look like either one is trying to shelter them at all.

Maybe that's their parenting style, to not shelter their kids from 'real life'. (I don't think that's the motivation for the shopping trips, the redone season premier, the national interviews, the photo shoots, etc.) I don't agree with it, so I stoped watching this train wreck.

Sass Pizzazz said...

I've been thinking about this a lot, too - more than I'd usually think about 'celebrity' news. I don't really like Jon OR Kate, because I find them both kind of phony and annoying, so I've never really watched the show. Although I agree that Kate seems like a tough person to live with a lot of the time, I hate the fact that everyone says "Oh, I'd cheat too if she were my wife." I don't care how hateful your wife is, cheating shouldn't be your first course of action.

Anonymous said...

WooHoo! I second that!

My hubby and I watched waaaay back when and after he saw how it mimicked our life he quit watching and called it "A for women only show" and said "she is awful" I told him THIS SHOW and her reaction to HIS antics IS reality. And yes, reality bites some times!

No, Kate doesn't deserve all this Jon needs to grow up and take responsibility!

(Thanks for letting me vent)

bearer of three said...

Finally someone who agrees with me! lol..If you watched the earlier episodes Jon use to be mean to kate and now that its the other way around she is a BITCH. when jon worked he didnt get no bad mouth but once Kate started working (touring) to promote her book she is the bad mom!! its crazy how much, even during times like now, men are still viewed superior to women...tsk tsk tsk..If I could get a show about my life and make 50,000 per episode I would do it in a heart beat...College tuition for my kids-check, A nice house- Check, Money to pay for the proper medical care- double Check...People need to stop bashing her...

kara said...

i think it's the hair that wears the pants in the family. it controls them all like robots. i haven't figured out what its agenda is, though.


Sam said...

I'm so with you, Erin. I thought I was alone in this. I haven't even watched the show, and the US Weekly coverage makes it sound like Jon has no choice but to sneak out. And I hate when people describe the show as "It's so funny! She picks on him!" I always mutter "I'm sure that's editing" because--let's face it--they would never have a show in which the husband picks on the wife. (Not sure what my point is there, so I'll stop now. :))

TheFeministBreeder said...

I'm with you too. It all seems very sexist and unfair. And people need to realize that the producers edit the show in such a way to make them each "characters." Kate's character is the whiny bitch, and Jon's character is the passive agreesive child. What are they really like? Who knows.. but not us.