Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rosey the Posey is 9!!!!

I'm having cake and ice cream in honor of my eldest daughter's Ninth Birthday today! Yay For Rosey!

Her actual Birth Day is on saturday, but she'll be with her daddy, so today is the day!
I was in complete and total shock after giving birth to Rose. It wasn't amazing and emotional experience, it was clinical and long. She was 7 pounds 11 ounces and tiny, with dark skin and black hair. I couldn't believe that she was mine when I first held her, most of my siblings and cousins had been fair and chubby at birth, most always bald too. So everything went in slow motion, everything seemed surreal and strange.
That passed soon enough...
Rose became my first true love, taking care of her was the first time I felt like a human being and not a flightly little girl, being responsible for her needs made me competent and stronger. She and I had a bumpy start, I had problems nursing her and she was very small and thin.
But once I got the hang of it she became such a bright, pleasant baby.
The only thing that really upsets me, looking back at when she was a baby, was that I didn't have a digital camera! UGH! Scanned photos stink:

Rosey is such a busy, happy little girl, it's as hard to characterize her as it's easy to characterize Max. I think you can get a lot of her personality from her face though:

I call her 'Momma's Baby', my 'Rosey Posey'. She forgives me instantly for being stressed, I forgive her instantly for everything she might do wrong. Rose and I speak the same language, Rose and I are always on the same page. Thank Goodness for Rose.


Vic said...

Happy Birthday Rosey!

She's adorable.

Anonymous said...

Cute kid. :)

Sam said...

Ah, this post gives me a lump in my throat. YOU were just a baby, too (sorry if that sounds totally condescending--I don't mean that) and you can tell from her photos what a great girl she's become. Congratulations!

kara said...

but does she smell like one.

lizzie lou said...

aw, so sweet. that's how i feel about my girl, too, "my first true love."

Anonymous said...

Hey! Your oldest and Mine have the same birthdays (mine is turning 12 on Saturday)

Happy Birthday all around! :)

Sarah @ said...

Happy birthday to your lovely girl!

Sass Pizzazz said...

What a beautiful young lady! She looks like she knows how to have a good time, too. ;)