Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Headbands and Plant Murder Confessions

For a little while I've been working on a few new things for my store Ultra-Cute Crochet. I thought about blankets, but didn't feel like buying really high-end yarns and then not selling anything. I usually do a ton of custom order hats/accessories in the winter through etsy.com and not through etsy, but this time of year is extremely slow.
So here is one of my ideas a light weight headband made of organic cotton, but as you see in the back of this 'headband' I had this idea of a thick hanging braid. Who's going to want to braid up the back of the head band everytime they wear it? So that's out. The colors and style are completely changeable, I have a plain stripe with brown russet and mustard too, Olivia was just too impatient to model it.
Next time I'll have to bribe her with something.

So does anyone have any suggestion for the back and how it can clasp/connect...etc..etc... Any suggestions for colors? Thickness/thinness?

Anyways on a not so 'give me feedback' front, did everyone have a wonderful weekend? A Happy mother's Day? Jeremiah got me hanging baskets for my porch. I'll get around to taking photos of them soon, if I don't end up killing them before I can snap a few.
Gardens/plants and I have a notoriously long and tumultuous relationship. Let's just say it never ends well for them. I'm like the black widow of gifted potted plants. They all love me and I ruin them mercilessly.


Miss Yvonne said...

The headband is really cute!

Can you make hats for babies in bright colors? I have been looking for some for my photography business. For reals...let me know if you do.

PLO said...

I love the headband! I am also a registered plant murderer. I am trying to rehibiliate myself. Ha.

Pop and Ice said...

Sorry, I'm not crafty, so I'm no help at all. But I do think the headband is a cute idea. Not that I could ever get anything like that on my daughter's head when she was young.

Lana said...

love the headband! i think the thickness is perfect, if you have lots of hair like me it will keep it somewhat tamed, and if you have less hair it'll still look really cute. what about just a button to close it?

i find that people love when i make matching sets of things, plus more than one item will usually offset yarn costs.

Vic said...

Really cute headbands! Especially on your model. :)

I think Lana's button idea is a good one if you can put some kind of backing on the buttonhole to keep it from stretching out.

Phat Mama said...

I want that headband. One for me and one for my daughter and one for my favorite niece. Or maybe more than one for each of us - do you have lotsa colors?

erin said...

Miss Yvonne: I got back to you in a serious manner. via email. Yo.

PLO: Thanks, I just have to keep these two plants alive for a couple months, sounds easier than it is, methinks.

Pops: Rose and Olivia like wearing things like that, Max won't keep them on for more than two seconds.

Lana: I've made lots of custom order matching sets, and they do get pretty expensive, but since they're custom I send photos to the customer during the making of the sets so they can give me feedback etc..etc.. I've had customers tell me it's worth the extra $.

Vic: Yeah, I've already been messing with the button thing. This yarn doesn't give much and isn't very stretchy so I think I won't need backing for buttoning. I'm thinking of a bunch of cute buttons up the back too.

Mama: I can't call you Phat, even if it's with a 'Ph'. I'm going to make up some soon and they will be for purchase in my etsy store, if you want to make an actual custom order, we can do it through etsy or by email. I have any color you would want.

kara said...

could you use elastic for the under the hair part? did everyone already suggest that? i'm too impatient to read other comments.

plants piss me off with their incessant need to be watered.

Sam said...

Love the headband and the orange kid. :)

marcia furman said...

Oh I really love that headband!!! I would do like a black and white or black and grey. i wear those colors a lot and it would match anything!! not sure how to make the back connect though..... *ponders*

Jen said...

that is a really cool headband.

Nanc Twop said...

Here you go - this Soil Moist stuff holds water near plant roots - voila no plant murder!