Friday, May 1, 2009


OK can it be remotely possible that the 'bastards' I was referring to the other say in this post found my blog online, put the blog together with me and then wrote me an email???

Cause I got the strangest email this morning:

I'm concerned about you representing yourself as a good mother and then using langage like you do on your website. How would you feel if your children were as foul-mouthed as you? Insults and negativaty are not positive things for living lifes. Please consider your words more before you put them on the internet.

I didn't edit this at all, the idiot could have at least spell checked before emailing me! Can this really be serious???? Hello! I mean I know that if you go to my blog profile you can email me... Do you think it's Jeremiah messing with me? I don't know that he would have the time to do this before he went to work this morning. Was it any of you out there?

Well this is all I have to say to this person...bastards is not a bad word, really. AND if you were reading my blog and thought it inappropriate then why would you continue reading? Has this ever happened to any of you out there?
I'm dying to know who sent me this, come on! Just tell me!

**Big Pimpin' **
just came on my pandora radio quickmix! Thank God. This day is complete.


Anna Russell said...

Lifes? I guess if you don't have one or know anyone who does, it's difficult to get the spelling right.

Ahh, good old internet! Ignore the idiot who sent this, they're clearly leading a very sad "live".

Pop and Ice said...

Oh, Erin..........*laugh*

It wasn't me, even though you be hatin on my kittehs! Although it could have been Pepper taking offense at the lone comment for his post that day.

But seriously, you can't put any credence in an email in which the author didn't bother to spell check.

By the way, be nice to my kittehs or I WILL give them access to my laptop ;-)

BlondieLox said...

who cares! - it's your blog and you can bastard if you want to.

Soda and Candy said...

Wow, Judgey McJudgerson needs to step off.

Bastard is barely even a swear here in America where they're super-sensitive! I'd have a lot worse words for someone who was letting their dogs use my yard as a toilet.

Clearly this person has no sense of humor and very little idea about the wonderful spectrum of child-rearing possibility. I think your post showed that it's sometimes okay to be frustrated and to give vent to those feelings, without letting it get to you too deeply! And that's a good lesson for kids.

(PS - Hi! here via Anna Russell's blog)

Phat Mama said...

It wasn't me!! I say wayyyy worse than bastard! LOL

And you can be a good Momma even if you cuss. My kids are 18 and 17, they think I'm the best Mom ever and I say the 'F' word at least 2-3 times a (hour) day!

"Who ate all the F'n oreos?" - heard pretty frequently at Casa de Phat Mama.

Now I'm going to peruse your blog and enjoy!

Wendy said...

From what I hear it's inevitable.

Miss Yvonne said...

If bastard is that bad, there must be a special place in parenting hell for me.

kara said...
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kara said...

see they're the expert and you're not so you should listen to them. uh huh.

this is why i often strongly dislike people. and that people in particular is an asshat.

Sam said...

Certainly not me, and you're a f*#$*ing b**$& for even asking. ;)

Sorry that happened. I hate that. Once someone responded to my preschool update with "Why don't you raise your own kids?" It hurt.

These things tend to be "drive-bys."

lizzie lou said...

jeeze. a girl's allowed to say whatever she wants on her very own blog. and...bastard?! my kids used to have a swear jar, and it wasn't for when they swore, it was for when i did. 25 cents per swear, $1 for the f-word. over the years, they accumulated enough to buy a friggin' video camera!

Steam Me Up, Kid said...

What?? That email makes no sense to me. At all. I had confused eyebrows the whole time I was reading this post. Why would you have gotten that email?

I'm so glad nobody like that's ever found my blog.

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

Strange things do happen in this bloggy world of ours. If they think you're bad, they should check out the majority of the other blogs out there, and then they'd really see what BAD is!! Mine included!