Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Grace is Subjective

Today I grace you with my video presence once again.


lizzie lou said...

1. erin, you're frickin adorable.

2. i think that on the third shirt, the bunny in the front has his or her back to the viewer, as he or she is addressing the group of bunnies in the back. but that is just my humble guess.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

You are too damn cute! I agree with Lizzie Lou, that bunny is facing the others with his back to us. And finally, some of us adult males who blog love the Harry Potter books too.

Mwa said...

Okay, so that bunny is Dutch and really popular over here. She's called Nijntje in the original (lots of clips on YouTube) and she's a little girl bunny. The second T-shirt has a choir on it, the "bunny with no eyes" is the teacher/director who is facing the little ones. I see the two previous commenters have already pointed this out.

By the way, you look like you should be my sister. Maybe you are. You should really come live over here. We could go to the pub.

(PS I don't like Harry Potter so much and have not yet been exposed to Twilight other than bloggers raving about it.)

marcia furman said...

I LOVE miffy! I have a postcard with a miffy with paint brushes...yayy!

oh and I do not like Twilight! HAHA! Actually I don't really know. I rebel and won't read or watch....just cause. HAHA!!!

John Pender said...

You are too cute.

Prosy said...

1) I love Harry Potter
2) I think I saw you wink about halfway through!
3) I'm not sure if the bunny without eyes is a mistake...my first thought was that it was facing away from the rest, about to mow them down. I don't know why I go to that violent place

Steam Me Up, Kid said...

Yep! Adorable.

I can't get past the part about Almond Joy though, my computer freezes. Probably the coconut.

Erin!! My word ver is "volog"!! Holy crap!

kara said...

are we voting for which shirt wins? because i say hermione. and you need to stick a big ol' self satisfied ironic mustache on her.

that last shirt...they mock me.

Vic said...

My favorite part was "squat". It's like you're the talent and the director at the same time.

I enjoyed the whole video!- what time does the candy bag come out though? I need to know that.

erin said...

lizzie: Thanks. Right after I posted this and started to put away the t-shirts I realized that the cutesy bunny was facing every one else.

Dr.: Everyone loves Harry Potter! Yay!

Mwa:Everyone likes Harry Potter, except for my evil Belgian sister! Yay!

Marcia: I didn't like the movie, at all. In fact I stopped it half way through. BUT I read all four books in five days. It was a big deal problem.

John: Thank You.

Prosy: If I winked, it was just for you.

Steamy: Too....much....coconut...help....me....
Word verification mind readers. call the FBI motherfuckers!

Kara: I just might draw a little moostache (pronounced like it's spelled, or for a fancier incorrect spelling try moussestache) on hermione. Rose might mutiny though.

Vic: Oh...you like when I squat eh? I was going to go somewhere Steamy like with that, and then remembered my place in this world as a sweet young nun like mother.

Mel said...

Your video was very cute, and you made me laugh because I just eat the candy these days! I am an outlier, as I don't have the HP or Twilight loving gene, but I love my books and movies. I record video blogs, but I don't post them, I don't know why to either part of that. Anyway, hi from chilly, partly cloudy Illinois.

j-face said...

your slight nervousness is so charming....

and that is why i will never do a vlog. i would be the worst and you and steamy would stop following me. i can't handle that. clearly.