Thursday, November 5, 2009

By the Pricking Of My Thumbs....

If you go and check out my shop, I'm putting most items up to $10 off. It's insane. I'm just trying to create some movement in my shop, because right now I have a lot of custom orders.

And I love custom orders.

But I also like movement...

Here are some of the sales:

Purple Scarf/Earflap set with Buttons ages 6 to pre-teen This set was $50 and is now $35.

Turtle Neck No Sweaters in GOLD


Beige/Cream Both of these were $25 and are now $15.

A reminder to everyone planning on ordering custom items for Christmas. I must have your orders by December 7th to insure I can make it and get it to you in time.


Tomorrow I will be gracing you with some blasts from my past. This might be hilarious to all of you, but it will definitely be a humbling experience for me . Just like Steamy and miss. Chief I will be sharing some of my scribblings from my youth.
My tragically dramatic youth. And by dramatic I mean drama of my own making.


miss. chief said...

wahoo! can't wait to hear this!

and I am just waiting to get some extra cash to order some stuff from you! (so it'll probably be in 2032 or so)

John Pender said...

Talk about coincidence. I was thinking about doing the same thing tomorrow.

kara said...

how do you feel about customizable movement?

Masterofword said...

Christmas season has begun!!! yahoo! i do like this holiday!! your shop will definitely have many clients! All the best!