Saturday, November 21, 2009

these words

An auburn sky past dusk
tall tree bare and stark rise high

above houses, lights on for safety, lights off for slumber
cozy homes lined with streets of empty still cars

slight mists fall onto my face
a chill breeze brushes past me, landing nowhere

Before this what came before there were
more abodes built upon soft grounds
lay trodden by many years of many feet

this mountain so much the same but not mine
nonetheless we have made it our home.

These words were in my head during my evening walk. Taking account of my surroundings they swept in and through me like the fresh fall air. I am by myself, which is a rarity. Alone with my thoughts and just...these words.


John Pender said...

I like it.

Petit fleur said...


It's so important to have tiny bits of "me" time. Sounds like you really enjoyed it.
xo pf

Miss Yvonne said...

What's that like? Walking alone, I mean. I never get to do that either.

michelle said...

Beautiful poem, Erin. Peaceful and beautiful

Sam said...


Mwa said...

Words come to me too. I love that feeling.

Ms. Moon said...

And we write as we go. That's what we do. And then we come home and we set it down and send it out to share.

mo.stoneskin said...

Lovely, but particularly liked the 'cozy homes'. I love walking out and seeing them. One of my favourite things about winter - imagining a cozy living room with a fire and hot drinks etc.