Thursday, August 20, 2009

Toe Fungus Thursday

Dear Summer,
It's still hot outside but I can feel you letting go...Six days till school starts and sleepy, sticky mornings are replaced by rushing, anxious children in on brisk fall mornings (this is wishful thinking on my part, we'll probably have an Indian Summer).
Did you pack my lunch, did you finish your reading, are you properly dressed for the day, are we going to miss the bus, what time is soccer after school?

Early bed time.

More hair bows and ties.

Grandparent's Day.

Teacher/Parent conferences (not this year OLIVIA!!!)

Rose's perfection anxiety ('Mom you'll HAVE to call the teacher and tell her I shouldn't have missed these two questions... I obviously know the answers')

So here are some snapshots from my summer...and if you wade through them, I promise there's an embarrassing photo of Jeremiah at the end! I know you all love those so much!

Olivia was born to 'ROCK'! That's what the tattoo says, at least.

Jeremiah's vacation from work was one of the highlights of this summer, even though we didn't actually go on vacation.


Thursdays and Photos of Jeremiah are so much fun, don't you think? I've done this a couple times now...and just for posterity's sake, I'll link them right now! Thursday, Thursday and not Thursday but we'll include it anyways


otherworldlyone said...

Love the picture of your two guys together. Too cute!

Ms. Moon said...

What a beautiful family.

Petit fleur said...

We are waiting for fall here in the south... not very patiently I might add.

The pictures are so FUN! Love to see that shiny pretty fam!

Sam said...

Awww. And that picture of you and Jeremiah is rockstar-like. Both of you. LERVE.

marcia furman said...

Love the pictures!! Twas a good summer. Now I am so ready for consistency.

Twinkie said...

LOVE the rock star and the slip n slide! Good times!

Unknown Mami said...

Those photos made me smile especially the last one.

John Pender said...

Love the pics, especially Olivia rocking out!

Chrissy said...

Great pics! You have a lovely family. :-)