Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Day Has Come, My Friends

So today will be a crazy ass day...because today the children and I are going school shopping with MY MOMMA! Ahhhhh!!!! Everyone scream!!!!

My mom is awesome and cool but she is a shopping maniac. She can leap Ten Targets in one small bound, wrangle deals out of every Sears coupon and cash register and get Two For One leggings from every Old Navy store across the nation.

I'm more of a buy it all online at one place and then sort through it when it gets here and send back what doesn't fit.

She's more of a try every single thing on, even when they're two of the same thing, just in case the stitching is different.

Today, with school fast approaching (one week away) I will brave the flurry of activity that is my momma and shop with my daughters for their clothes and school supplies. We will exit the stores laden with our booty, pencils and baby doll dresses, I-Carly slip ons and crayons. I will buy them underwear and socks, even though I'll probably have to buy more in a couple months.
And then tomorrow I'll call their dad and precisely tell him where to get their fall jackets or hoodies (and upside to sharing custody, last year he bought their bookbags, this year their jackets/coats or sneakers...pretty much whatever one or two things I don't get today!)

Later tonight Jeremiah will have to withstand several small girl children flailing clothes in his face, modeling shoes and insisting he watch binder demonstrations. He will be overwhelmed, but he will smile and give them the same response he gives me, "Ah-ha....Riiiight....I don't know....of course....uh-nuh....ok I'll do it when we get home..."

So Adieu fair blogging friends, I'm off to pack a days amusement for my darling baby boy. I'm sure he'll have to endure days like these for years to come...poor, poor Elijah.


Anonymous said...

Good luck sister! Come back in one piece.

Prosy said...

I loved back to school shopping! Buy a pencil pouch in my honor please.

otherworldlyone said...

School clothes shopping. I'd rather stick my head in an oven. That's turn off. With muffins in it.

Good luck!

Ms. Moon said...

Oh my god. The day my daughter asks me to go school shopping with her and her children is the day I'm moving to Mexico. Of course, said grandchildren are still limited to one unborn grandson, so I have time to rethink the prospect.
Be grateful for that Momma of yours.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Your Mom sounds AWESOME! Will your Mom buy me some new clothes too? ;)

The kids here have already been back to school for at least a week. It's so weird. We start back to it after Labor Day. That's how it was when I was a kid.


Twinkie said...

Mr. Twinkie is your mother reincarnated. Thus he does all our shopping. Including but not limited to birthdays, Christmas, etc. I do the grocery shopping. I think it's a fair deal!

j said...

Binder demonstrations. Takes me back to when I would demonstrate to my dad the proper way to open and close a Trapper Keeper.

Unknown Mami said...

Just follow your mom's lead.

John Pender said...

Can I borrow your mom for my next outing to Best Buy?

kara said...

i miss school shopping. but not school. this is where you break it to me that one can exist without the other.