Thursday, August 13, 2009

Deep Thoughts with Erin

I have been thinking a lot lately about posting something more serious or trying to wrestle with some serious issues like, 'Why does Hilary Clinton always look so pissed off?' or 'Why do people who go to college for four plus years and spend $80,000 on their education to make $10 an hour?' or better yet 'Is D.H. Lawrence actually a misogynist, hidden behind the trappings of a 'womens writer'?'.

I'm not affiliated with any political party and am all over the board with my opinions on all matters political, national and worldwide, but 'What the frick is up with Bill O'Reilly? Does he always have to be such a freaking douchebag?'.

And more importantly 'Why did they ruin movies like The Watchmen or The Zodiac by making them excruciatingly long???'.

I guess I could discuss these things with you. I would accomplish something today that isn't totally revolved around my children if I did, but instead I will post videos of my children. I think they're priceless, adorable etc...etc... and you will too. Darnit.

I'm trying to get Elijah to talk more so he request the things he wants with words instead of grunting pointing and crying. But he isn't interested.

This is a little clip that gives you some insight on what it's like to live in our house. I suppose the children will really learned to appreciate silence and quiet as adults after living in a househole with layers and layers of noise and activity at all times.


otherworldlyone said...

Can't watch the videos :(

But yes...why DOES Hillary always look so pissed off? Maybe that helmet hairdo?

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

The problem with Watchmen is that they tried their best to make everyone happy. I was happy. But then you weren't by the length, and then some people weren't happy because they didn't put EVERYTHING in it.

I was also happy with Return of the King, just for reference (but pissed at Two Towers).

Also, I think Hillary's pissed because she'd been in a game of "Oh no you din't" with North Korea, and then Bill heads over there, frees the reporters, bangs them both on the private jet home, and she's sent off to Africa. Oh, and she was given the Sec of State position as an appeasement for those voters dedicated to her.

That, and it's really effing hot in the Congo.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I saw the second video. Oh how I miss little ones running around. I miss Middle Daughter playing Suzuki tunes. That was Suzuki, right?

Wow, your house is beautiful! Thanks for sharing that with me.

Maybe Hillary and Bill O'Riley need to get laid. I'm just sayin'....


Green-Eyed Momster said...

s/b O'Reilly.

What do I know?


Jerrod said...

.....i really think I needed a 12th award winner.

Erin..... I think it's you.

Petit fleur said...

Well, I don't have any real answers for you... but here are my opinions.

I think Hillary IS always pissed! Why, I'm not sure, but I think the mjenks may be onto something.

Mr. O'Reilly is not just being a douche bag, he IS a douche bag... how else can he be?

I think GEM is right, they do both need to get laid... maybe with one another! Now there's a visual, aye?

Don't have opinions about DH, the college thing,or the movie thing-- BUT if I did, I'd say there seems to be a wacky disconnect thread there somewhere.

Your kids are so damn cute. It makes me want more. YIKES.
Good post.

Unknown Mami said...

Darnit, they are adorable!

kara said...

why is your home so uncluttered? i don't understand. the clutter should intensify 3-fold for each child added. that's, like...math. and yet. clean and uncluttered.

you're a witch, aren't you.

ladytruth said...

I agree on the long movies-part; I fell asleep twice watching Zodiac and eventually just got a friend to tell me what happened.

Sam said...

I'm staying away from any controversial opinions today, so here's a non-controversial one: your kids are frickin' adorable. :)

Organic Meatbag said...

Thank you!!! I find that I just can't sit more than 90 minutes for a movie anymore...and you're right, Watchmen was way too long, and even though I really loved District 9, it was still a tad too long for me also (that's what she said??!!)