Thursday, June 4, 2009

Throw Up Thursday!

Instant Karma just gave Olivia a big smack in the ass cause today she has a stomach ache. I have a message for whoever is in charge of karma:

Please dispense punishments that only punish the child, not the mother also. I didn't hide the garsh darn keys. Now I feel guilty...I'll have to go and lay with her all day and read to her, the other kids will have to fend for themselves.

So in honor of Throw Up Thursday here are a few funny photos of Jeremiah. He won't notice this post until later in the evening, or very possibly not till tomorrow night!
Then he'll yell "Erin! What the F!?!???" super loud and come at me and act like he's all mad, but really he thinks I'm incredibly cute. He might even kiss me a bunch and smile all giant at me all night.

Or he won't talk to me.

Hmmm...should I reconsider this post?


Sally-Sal said...

I like the picture of your hubbie playing 'rock, paper, scissors' in front of the christmas tree.

bearer of three said...


Lana said...

my favorite is the first one by the steps. your pics always make me laugh :)

mo.stoneskin said...

Is he singing by the Christmas tree? If so you should have posted the audio. Now that could really make him mad.

erin said...

@Sal and Mo:
He's actually juggling, Or attempting to.

Nanc Twop said...

And tell'm we love the Xmas hair.

All standing up and fuzzy.

Very cute.

re:stomach karma

my verification word is
...INGESTER... uh oh.

Pop and Ice said...

I like the photo of Jeremiah in the dorky blue knitted cap! Oh, did you make that? So sorry......*ha ha ha!*

Sam said...

Well, I think he just looks adorable. So I don't think there's any WTF? in your future.

Hope there is less barfing in your future, too.

kara said...

awww. you all look so damn happy.

Anonymous said...

Hey, maybe the kid will learn.

Then again, maybe not.

The word verification thing below this box wants me to type in bratiest. Does that mean anything? :)