Monday, August 17, 2009

Jeremiah doesn't listen to me V-Blog

In the past couple weeks the topic of v-blogging has come up a few times in conversation. Well, in the conversations I have with myself...or with Jeremiah when he's pretending to listen to me. (Which usually goes like this: "Ah-ha....Riiiight....I don't know baby....of course....uh-nuh....ok I'll do it when we get home...")

So since the girls aren't here and I'm eating my breakfast and paying some bills, I decided to v-blog for everyone IF everyone promises to comment and give me your opinion on video blogging.
I'm guessing that it's not all that popular... I know that some people can't watch video at work...
Without alarming any employers out there, if your employees have a computer at their desk or workstation, they're probably reading my blog right now!

Here are some other examples of v-blogging, Steamy's was a one time thing (I think) and then at Betsy Booms she's doing it all the time now and even has a live webcast of her vlog, Boom Tube.

I just watched this little video and I'm thinking the same thing you probably are. 'Why is god's name is she posting this!????????'

And the answer

Because I can?

I love how I accidentally say V- Log and V-Logging and then smoosh my mouth up in a weird way, like I'm trying to hide my crooked teeth...but we all know there's no hiding those bad boys.


Steam Me Up, Kid said...

AWWWW!!! I want to roll you into a ball and keep you in my backpack. You are infinity cute.

I like, "That was a mistake." Yeah, fuck second takes. Second takes are for wimps.

I'm thinking of something, and let me know what you think, okay? CAREOKE FRIDAYS. Eh? EH? Singing in the car phone videos!! Are you in??

Prosy said...

One of the best 'v-logs' I've ever seen. At least you seemed normal. Whenever I video myself I talk in this weird voice. I can't control it. Or maybe I always talk like that.
I think Becky means Kareoke.

Petit fleur said...

It's cool to actually see moving and speaking. Adds another layer of who you are to your already brilliant personality.

It's kind of weird with blogs because while they are so cool, it's this strange world unto itself and even though you know the other people are real people too, they seem like real people... in our imaginary world! So to see video adds a new dimension to seeing you as a real person in the real world if that makes sense.

However, watching video all the time is a problem for the reason you mentioned. Soo... my long winded vote is for written blog mostly with some videos for variety. :-) You know I'll keep visiting no matter what you do. And you are cuter than cute!

Steam Me Up, Kid said...

No, I meant CAReoke. In a car. Dude, I don't make spelling mistakes. Ever.

Actually, I guess it would be Caraoke. Oops.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

While I can play video at work, I have no sound. So, I watched it and kind of put my own words to it.

Wow. You're funny. And my you have a potty mouth. And I don't know if I'd admit to that thing with the neighbor's cat out loud to everyone else. Some people are kind of sensitive toward cats and wood chippers and such.

Twinkie said...

OK I'll have to view it again at home but for now (with no speakers) you look like you're talking about something VERY VERY serious.. hehehe... until the end when you finally crack a smile. LOVE the face gestures. TOO CUTE!

Unknown Mami said...

I like watching "v-logs" on occasion, but probably not always. I do not recommend eating or chewing gum while vlogging.

John Pender said...

That was awesome! :p

Anonymous said...

most deaf people, if they blog at all, choose to do the vlog. for signing, obvs.

im all for it, but I myself prefer to write.

I say you should do whatevs the eff you wantz. $.02

kara said...

i muted Andrew Bird to listen to your talking face. and you know what? i'd do it again. that's blog friendship.

j said...

probably the best video log... i've ever seen.

otherworldlyone said...

GRRR! Just like with Steamy's it teases me. Her first video played...but the next two all said, "This video is not currently available". And yours just did the same thing.

Blogger sucks at life.

P.S. - I am slack and am just now mailing your stuff. I know, I know.

Sam said...

I know you won't take this the wrong way when I tell you that this particular v-blog is a perfect example of why I shudder when I think of doing it myself. ;)

But I do have to add that you are so adorable and eat a nectarine in such an alluring way, I might just tune in to watch you read the phone book.

Chrissy said...

Crap. My speakers don't work and I can't read lips. I think v-blogging is cool if it's not overdone.

diane said...

A prime example that video blogging is best left to the experts. Not that I would know or anything.
I love your previous video clips with the kids. Awesome. xo