Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What a beautiful day today! Oops, I forgot to water the flowers last night. Shit.

Oh well, they'll live. Or will they?

Jeremiah and I have netflix delivered and netflix instant movies via Roku Digital Video Player on our beautiful fancy t.v. And yet, with endless movies at our fingertips we still end up flipping back and forth between Anthony Bourdain and Futurama. Then after that hour long excitement and even though I wasn't tired, we went to bed at 11pm and watched Forensic Files.
Can you get much more boring?

It was odd last night, because usually I'm pretty content with our boring evenings. I relax, read, we watch a movie, Jeremiah practices his guitar, it's all pretty nice.

So what was the missing piece last night? I'm considering blaming either the weather or the season in general.
Yesterday was a beautiful day and last night was just as lovely. It makes me feel like I should be on the beach, or hiking, or lying on a raft on a lake...
But to look at the scenario fairly, on vacation Jeremiah and I probably would have ended up watching Bourdain and Bender and Forensic Files restlessly regardless of where we were. Or we would be lying uncomfortably in a very air conditioned hotel room careful not to move unnecessarily due to our third degree sunburn watching Bourdain, Bender and the files of forensicness. It's all relative, I suppose.

Since I still haven't gotten any blog responses to the crap I sent people, I will end this post with a little piece of adorable cuteness, taped this winter.


Yellow Trash Diaries said...

I love Anthony Bourdain! I always want to eat something really spicy and noodle-y when I'm watching.

Yellow Trash Diaries said...

Like when I watch the Sopranos and want to eat something tomato saucy and noodle-y.
Or I'm a Celebrity and I want Chinese noodle-y.
I have a problem.

Lana said...

we always end up doing the same stuff on vaca that we would at home too. i always wonder about it, then end up doing it every time.

Pop and Ice said...

Hey, give us some time! We have to come up with something witty that will live up to your blog standards!

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I don't think there's a problem with watching Bender Bending Rodriguez at any hour of the day, bored or not.

And if you don't like it, you can bite my shiny metal ass.

Bill F said...

Files of Forensicness? Isn't that Files of Forensicity? Maybe not. No guidance from the official site, either: www.forensicfiles.com

Anonymous said...

If you sent me something, I apologize. I only check my box once in a blue moon.

Nanc Twop said...

You mean I'm first?


Nanc's trinket:

Primate Goes Postal


kara said...

i missed the crap send? damnit.

i totally did the same trick your little one did when i was about her age. only it was on TV and it was my dress that went up. oh well.

Unknown Mami said...

I am an Anthony B. fan.

Also, I did the post on the surprise envelope you sent. It was a fun experiment. Thanks.