Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tongue In Cheek Thursday (is it Thursday?)

Yesterday I guided you through romance and all that it entails. But because I would feel bad for misleading you, I wanted to mention something to any men that might be reading this blog.

Please don't read yesterday's post and decide that acting like you enjoy those songs or those particular parts of those particular movies is going to help you land a chick.
I would guess that if you went on about how much you loved Moulin Rouge to a date, your chances of scoring with said date are pretty much null. So don't do it. And if it does work, only know that it so the girl can tell all her friends that she got a gay guy to have sex with her. Cause you know that's what all women set out to do on a daily basis...right...

Act aloof, like Jeremiah. He pretends like he hates musicals...yet he is a musician. We all know that musicals are universal and also the epitome of musical genius. So of course he is just pretending not to like them! I know that. Duh.

Or act pissed off, like Jeremiah. He gets so frustrated when I insist that he watch Oklahoma or Annie...we already decided that he is just acting like he hates why is he so very upset when I have them on all the time? He doesn't like My Fair Lady? West Side Story? Carousel? Come on!

Or you can throw stuff at the t.v., like Jeremiah. I think I might know what this is about. He's upset that he didn't go into musical theater as a young man...that must be it.

Regardless, maybe I can talk him into watching Moulin Rouge...which he refuses to watch. I know that would be the straw to break the proverbial camel's back...he'd definitely be able to admit to his love of Musicals then and there.

HOORAY for my insight. I'm here to make the world a better place, obviously.


Isabel Princes said...

Too funny. I can't even get my husband to watch Grease for fear someone might see him.
Although, he has no problem turning up backstreet boys and nsync...and lord how I wish I was kidding.

The Devil's Daughter-In-Law said...

Or just drive Jeremiah to drink...


blondie-lox said...

your such a dork. a cute, sweet dork! i would totally make plans with you to go to a musical this summer if you lived in saint louis! you know you want to!!

Prosy said...

I missed commenting yesterday but for the record I love Moulin Rouge. Mr. T claims not to want to watch musicals (in movies) but he likes to go to them at the theater with them. It might just be because he likes to dress up. Like that makes it less gay.

Miss Yvonne said...

West Side Story!!!

Just had to yell that...sorry.

My husband won't watch musicals with me either and I'm all "But you love Les Mis! What's the difference!" and he's all "That's theater. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is crap."

I think he's just jealous he can't dance like that.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

You're funny!!

I'm so glad that you found me!! I've seen you around Miss Yvonne's blog for quite some time.

I'll be checking in with you often now that I'm following you!!


Anonymous said...

Someone asking to sleep on the sofa tonight?

Anna Russell said...

All life should be like musicals. If Dick Van Dyke took us on a magic carousel ride every time we were bored, there would be no more war.

otherworldlyone said...

That's genius, that is.

Now, what about 'The Sound of Music'! Classic.

Sam said...

Wait...was one of my goals supposed to be getting a gay guy to have sex with me? I totally forgot to do that! :)