Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Linkalicious Obsessions

So somewhere out there people are finally starting to get their junk.

I had Rose randomly select small bits of crap (not real crap, come on folks!) from a target bag full of things I was going to throw away and I sent them to fellow Bloggers!

Nancy , Green-Eyed Momster and Unknown Mami posted about their 'gifts'.
I didn't even know what I was sending the Momster, I thought it might be a piece from an old luggage set? It turns out it's a keychain and she loves it. Weird little things happen in this strange universe...

In other news, Prosy hit me with a meme. I'm supposed to list my five current obsessions...but she said it best in her meme, "harder than it sounds because most of my obsessions have to do with food, and I don't want everyone thinking I'm a fatass that only eats all the time, so I worked really hard coming up with non-food items too."

I also noticed that I'm totally unoriginal cause most of my obsessions are the same as Miss. Chiefs... so I have to mix things up a bit.

1: True Blood
Jeremiah and I are so trendy! Holla. Vampires, sex and a who dunnit? We're hooked. We recently had a netflix plan with one movie at a time (instant movies are a reason to live!), and I decided to up it to two, but then Rose insisted I get her Tiny Toons Adventures VOL. 1....
I don't know where she got the idea to get that show, but I think it was on when I was a kid. To each their own, I suppose.

Jeremiah is like a super rider, for lack of a better term, and I try my damndest to keep up with him....rarely succeeding, keep in mind. I had until recently been riding a Men's beach cruiser two sizes two big for me with the baby seat on the back. The 35 pound 22 month old baby plus the big heavy bike made riding very difficult for me, and Jeremiah always felt like a jerk riding his 5 pound super light super cool road bike while I was toting our child around and sweating like a hog. So Jeremiah, being the prince that he is, custom made me a bike. He found a very old Schwinn Collegiate, put new everything on it...and now I have a awesome fast light (and scary to ride!) bike. I told you Jeremiah is the best ever.

3:Finding the perfect vacation
Jeremiah only has 4 days of vacation left and the days his work gave him off are during the week in July that the girls will be on vacation with their dad. So I've been trying to come up with a beach trip under $500 for Wed.-Sun., preferably in driving distance for two adults and a almost two year old. And it's impossible. I can't pick a beach, can't find a deal...nada.

Ok, let's pretend that Prosy said to list three things I'm currently obsessing over...I hate long posts.

Soo... I'm also supposed to tag people
, Kristine, McPupperson, Vic and Anna. Anna is a for real serious writer folks, so lets just totally waste her time with this meme...


Green-Eyed Momster said...

Thank you for my key chain! I love it!


TrodoMcCracken said...

True Blood is awesome. I'm surprised how much I like it. The Man thinks it's retarded but what does he know?! Did you watch the one on Sunday? OMG

Logical Libby said...

If I had known you were giving away space monkeys I totally would have sent my address. That's crap I can get behind.

Nanc Twop said...

As the proud owner of said space monkey, I concur ;-) thanks Erin.

btw, Still need ideas for a quick trip?... look into a PA b&b farm. Some have lakes nearby for beach time. - Good Luck!

Insults said...

Awe, ...should have emailed!

kara said...

i did this for you once, i can't do it again...even for another true blood obsessor. let's just leave it at this...i want to chew on Bill and not for sustenance.

erin said...

@Momster: You're welcome.

@McPupperson:Three minutes into the first episode I was convinced that Jeremiah wasn't going to like it...but he totally loves it.

@Libster: You missed out, that's for sure.

@Nancy pants: You're also welcome...and the farm thing, not so good. Jeremiah's afraid of horses.

@Insults: mmhmm

@kara: I totally forgot you did one of these before for me. But isn't it nice that you're my favorite person? Hmm?

Anna Russell said...

Oh crap, this is what I get for being totally behind on my blog reading. I posted a repost today, when I could have posted this meme instead. Ok, that's tomorrow's post sorted out - thanks Erin!

Prosy said...

you gave it the old college try. i give you 4 stars. out of a possible 11. burn!