Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day and Lizzie Loo Whoo.

I'll start today's post with a shout out to all the babee's daddee's out there yo!

What I mean is I would like to thank all the fathers in my life...for you know, fathering good and stuff.

To My Daddy:

Thanks for being the best dad ever. It's pretty simple. And even though I wouldn't be who I am today without you, don't blame yourself. ;)
My parents were young parents and I was a huge surprise. Considering that, I think they handled it well and I had a wonderful childhood.

To My Ex:
We don't get along and we made a mess of things, but thanks for my darling girls. And thanks for working with me and sharing their lives. I would have hated to have been separated from either of my parents had they been divorced.

To Jeremiah's Dad, Dave:
You were obviously an excellent dad to have helped inject Jeremiah with such character (and startling good looks). Thank You.

And last, but certainly not least! To Jeremiah, the best man I've ever known, the best Poppa there could ever be:

You've surprised me from the first day you met my daughters, and I know they love you as much as I do (if that's even possible). But what really surprised me was how much you adore our son. I didn't think that any other two people in the world could have a connection like you and I do, but it obviously shows with you and Elijah. Great Job Jeremiah! Happy Father's Day!

And now to end this post. You may or may not remember my threat, I mean promise, to send out random things from a bag of junk I had collected up from around my house. Some brave souls took me up on this offer and I sent out junk the other day.

Liz is the first person to post about said junk, and I was actually touched by her post. She seems like such a good soul and such an honest person, I am honored to count her as one of my blogging friends.


blondie-lox said...

aww. cute pictures.

did you see your award on my blog yet?

have an awesome day!!!

Yellow Trash Diaries said...

I think it's great that you included your ex. I can't imagine if I had to have some of my ex's in my life forever-- especially the I-Wish-You-Had-Told-Me-You-Were-Gay-While-We-Were-Dating ones
(although some of them still haven't realized it yet themselves and keep posting pictures of their wife and kids on Facebook but dude, you are so gay).

Unknown Mami said...

Very nice Father's Day love.

Pop and Ice said...

You are very generous in mentioning all the Dads. That shows quite a bit of maturity. Some people just never get there, but you have and I applaud you. Keep on working your ex - it's worth it for your daughters.

Jerrod said...

awesome post. ex and all....

Anonymous said...

Very nice.

Jennifer said...

Just found your blog. Enjoyed the read!

Sass Pizzazz said...

Aw, now I feel like a loser because I forgot to send you my address so I could get some of your junk. :( I'm gonna go ahead and email it to you anyway, just in case you run across something else you want to mail to a stranger. Yippee!

Sam said...

How totally sweet! and Lizzie looks supa-stylish in that earring. ;)

Anna Russell said...

This is just too much adorable in one post. But I love it :)