Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Know it's Not Thursday...Thanks.

Does everyone remember when I used to post embarrassing photos of Jeremiah every Thursday and we all had a good laugh at his expense?



Just what I thought. Well here's a recap just in case you forgot:

Tomb Tainting Thursday
Too Much Tofu Thursday
Throw Up Thursday
and the reason I started posting these posts in the first place
"You Wouldn't Dare"

I haven't had any really excellent specimens to share until recently, when I took this gem:

I love him.


otherworldlyone said...

Poor Jeremiah.

Where have you been, heifer?

Megs said...

Hee. This looks vaguely familiar. Like if Jeremiah were blonder and lying on the couch, I could have taken this of my husband.

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Aw...young love. My husband would kill me if I did this!

jules said...

Mine looks EXACTLY the same right now. And I love him too. How can we not?

Ally said...

I have a ton of "hand-down-the-shorts-sleeping" photos of my hubs. He would go NUTS if I posted them. Ha ha! I wanted to start a blog called when we were dating and have women upload pix of their men doing what they do best SLEEP! Ha ha!

Powdered Toast Man said...

He's holding it so it doesn't get up while he's sleeping.

Angela Christensen said...

Boy, do I MISS your blog when I whisk myself off to France (on TV). This probably means I missed Jeremiah and the kids, too. :)
LOve, love.