Monday, July 26, 2010

Christmas in July (till September)

Just like a very wise and withered sage once told me:

It's never too early to start your holiday shopping, especially when they holiday prices are so very discounted!

From now till Sept. 1st all of my custom order prices will be marked down considerably.

All custom adult and kids hats will be $30. Custom baby hats (12 months and under) will be $20.

Here are some photo examples of hats I've done in the past:

If you prefer luxury yarns, the prices will vary. Luxury yarn mixes include cotton/silk/linen blends, merino wool, peruvian wool and bamboo.

Baby Gift Sets are great not just for the holiday, but are also a wonderful option for a baby shower gift. Definitely a unique idea for a special baby. Baby gifts sets are completely customizable and can include anything from a baby hat with matching blanket to baby stuffed bunny and blanket...any baby items combined in any color or style!
Bunny and Blankey: $120 ($140 for luxury yarns)
Bunny and Baby Hat (baby hat matches bunnies hat): $90
Baby Hat and Blankey: $80

Here are some baby sets I've done in the past:

Custom Baby Blankets on their own: $60

My newest custom offering is full sized throws. I've been making them from very old vintage patterns and it's been a real challenge...
I'll be debuting some of the patterns at my new job here: CrochetSpot

If you can't crochet, buy a blanket from me today! Here's a peak at one I'm working on right now for a customer very into the retro look:

She requested acrylic yarns as her daughter is allergic to wool so her custom throw was only $85.
Luxury and all natural yarn throws are $120. For more information about pricing and styles that are available please contact me at I'm a prompt responder.

Everyone who mentions my store on their blog, facebook or twitter gets free shipping. Everyone who puts a ultra-cute crochet button on their blog like Aly or Becky or Jules gets free shipping and discounts.


Alicia D said...

So cute!! youre amazing with yarn (its yarn,right?)

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

i love the color combos on those last three blankets. they look great!

jules said...

I am determined to start shopping early (soon) this year and be done by Thanksgiving. You are very talented.

Wupppy said...

"Snickers" The Bunny arrived on Friday. He's soft and cute and gorgeous and cuddly. It was love at first site *wink*

I loved the handwritten card, very touching, thank you Erin!