Monday, March 15, 2010

Recite This, Piano!

Sunday was Rose, Olivia and my baby sister Hannah's annual piano recital.

Jeremiah is shooting the video and he might not be the World's Best Videographer, but he is the World's Best In Bed AND The World's Best Piano Teacher. Rose was first:

Hannah was just awesome! She's been taking lessons since she was 4:

Olivia is never nervous. She sat patiently and colored with Max through everyone else's performances like she didn't even realize what was going on. Right before it was her turn to go (she was last) she did look up and say, 'Is it finally my turn?" :

And this is what Max did during the recital:


Tony said...

Aw! Your kids are superstars! It felt like I was watching one of the Bourne movies with the whole shaky camera thing going on.

And Hannah? Holy cow! She's really awesome!

Steam Me Up, Kid said...

Wow. I honestly didn't expect them to be so good considering how young they are. They're really good!

And Olivia has perfect posture, I happened to notice.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

How do oyu know if he's the best in bed if you haven't tried everybody?

miss. chief said...

I love how Hanna seems totally bummed to be there.

erin said...

Tony: Thanks. I thought they did pretty well too. And Hannah is totally and completely awesome.

Beckerino: Thank you very much. Olivia does have excellent posture. I'm very proud of her and her straight back.

Dr.Mucky Muck: Oh I know.

Missy Poo: She's so very almost 13.

otherworldlyone said...

Max's outfit and curls are so freaking adorable.

Can't wait to watch the videos! Grrr, work!

Angela Christensen said...

I know everyone says this, but honestly, savor every moment. Before you know it, you'll be looking at Jeremiah over the breakfast table, kids all over the world, doing their magic out of your physical line of sight, and saying, "Hmm. What do we do NOW?" Besides go back to bed, of course. Savor it all. Every brilliant highlight, like this one, and every prosaic moment of packing lunches and having arguments and doing homework and cleaning the bathroom....everything.
Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this.
Love, love.

Vic said...

They were all great. And beautiful.
Piano recitals are much better than band concerts.

I waved to you when the camera panned past you, but you didn't see me.