Monday, March 8, 2010

Climbed aboard the Dream Weaver train...

I check The Book of Faces a couple times a day, mainly to waste time I don't have to waste.

Imagine my excitement when I found a message from Steam Me Up Kid's Becky sitting idly by, waiting for my perusal!

Between You and Steamme Upkid

Steamme Upkid
March 8 at 1:50pm
I had a bad dream about you last night. Armageddon was here and I couldn't get you out of bed to come with me to safety. I needed to rescue my dogs too, but you were dilly dallying and wouldn't get dressed. You might have been on sleeping pills. Also, you were wearing my underwear, but I decided not to confront you about it because of the armageddon. Are you okay?

I was very impressed by the fact that Becky was so concerned for my well being and also impressed at being so accurately depicted in a dream by a practically strange stranger.

But also totally freaked out. Not because Becky was dreaming about me (who doesn't dream about me from to time to time, right?), but rather because:


In my dreams last night Vic flew me out to California to stay for a week and visit with her and her family. In my dream she wasn't anything that she portrays herself to be on her blog.
Instead of being a teacher she was a strung out, overworked and high powered attorney.

Instead of two teen-ish children she had one toddler, a spoiled princess who she insisted on calling 'Tay'.

And instead of inviting me for a week of hanging out and talking about...blogging...

She had instead kidnapped me to care for Princess Tay. Despite the obvious problems with this situation, she was oblivious to the illegality and sadistic proclivities of her actions. She kept me in the house by putting a strange shock (collar) necklace on me and Princess Tay kept a remote control to the locks on the doors and windows.

Vic and Tay may have wanted me to stay forever and ever, but Vic's husband did not. He was a sad man with hunched shoulders and non descript features. He would put me and Tay in his car and drive us silently to the airport and leave us there. Vic would find us there soon after and take us home.

It just went on like this. Vic...why oh why? I did look very thin in the dream though...which is a plus.

THEN to make matters even stranger Jules posted this post today.


So my friends...what did I do in your dreams last night?


lizzie lou said...

what i wouldn't give to see you pop up in a surreal dream, erin. i have to start writing them down in the morning, cause who knows? maybe you've been wearing my underwear in my dreams and i just don't remember!

Tony said...

Um...I didn't dream about you last night, but I did have a delicious dream about Sloppy Joes. What exactly goes in a Sloppy Joe? I don't know...time to hit Google.

If I did have a dream about you, I would imagine you and I being a crime fighting duo, in which you turn your back on me because I decided to drink a diet soda.

otherworldlyone said...

You don't want to know, Er bear. You don't want to know. ;)

Steve E said...

Two nights ago I dreamed about my house burning down--and thankfully (on many levels?) you were not in it!

mo.stoneskin said...

The other night I dreamt about you visiting. You turned up in a knitted car, which was no surprise, but you were knitting while driving, which was a surprise. You should know better.

Angela Christensen said...

Ummm, you made a hat, and I loved it. I tried desperately to tell everyone who reads your blog how amazingly full of The Awesome it was, but no one could hear me...imagine that.

Pearl said...


I actually HAVE had dreams about fellow bloggers, but I don't want to talk about it...



Bethany said...

wow, you have genius, creative, crazy dreams. I love all this. So funny and right on. I think blogging and blog friendships are so netherworld like that they make perfect fodder for dreams. Or something. It's all so crazy cool.

Logical Libby said...

I would tell you, but it's between me and my therapist.

Boomka said...

I am having an increasingly more difficult time distinguishing between dreams, real life, and Facebook. The thing about Facebook is that you can just passively absorb it all and not even really you are digesting it and then later on you think, didn't I run into you in Minnesota? And then you realize you never were in Minnesota, you just saw their pictures from there and mentally inserted yourself into it. I think I need a shrink.

Sam said...

In my dream, you made me a four-course dinner, with the most amazing chocolate souffle for dessert. Thank you!