Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Balding Tea Lovers Unite!

It's nearing 11pm and I'm in our gameroom, new laptop perched precariously in my lap, Gail Carriger's Soulless resting on the arm of the couch, cell phone lying next to Soulless, chamomile tea steaming on kids' Step1 table almost out of my reach, unfortunately for the carpet and for Jeremiah who will eventually have to steam clean said carpet...

I notice two things simultaneously:

1: I got kicked out of Out Of Tune Idol.

2: Jeremiah is burning rubber (quite literally) in our basement.

Surprisingly I'm okay with both of these happenings.

Star Trek Next Generation is coming on. It kind of makes everything cool.

When my brother Joshy and I were the only children in our family (before the three demons beset themselves upon our happy home) we were only allowed to stay up and watch one primetime show a week. (Heaven forbid we cut into my mom's adult time, alone with Pepsi, salty potato chips and Unsolved Mysteries)

Josh always wanted to watch Star Trek NG and I always wanted to watch Mr. Belvedere, The Cosby Show or any other sitcommy mess that happened to be on when Star Trek wasn't.

Because I refused to watch it with him, I never truly got the pure genius that is that show.

It's strange because I don't really love any of the characters in particular. Counselor Troy is a tramp and way too in touch with her feelings (must be the constant frontal wedge she's always sporting). Doctor Wesley's Momma should have given it up to Captain Picard within minutes of beaming aboard the Enterprise. Warf needs to do something about his freaking hair, the Dorothy Hamill bob just kills me. Number Two is a total douchebag and needs to stop grimacing, aren't there any colostomy clinics on such an advanced starship? And Captain Picard, my dear dear bald friend. Tea isn't the answer. Heroine is. Beam some of that shit up.

So if it's not the characters the genius of the show must lie purely in it's ability to suck one in and not let go. If I watch the first few minutes, I have to watch the whole episode. If I watch one night, I have the urge to watch it again the next. If one of it's random movies are on an even randomer cable channel at an odd hour of the day, I feel compelled to DVR it and watch it at a more convenient time.



Tony said...

I'm sorry that you got kicked out of Out of Tune Idol, but you should be happy to know that you got kicked out because you're an awesome singer! You're a winner in my book.

And...I was never much of a Star Trek fan. I loved the new movie though, but, apparently, that makes me an imbecile (according to my hardcore nerdy coworker).

Ally said...

I loved Unsolved Mysteries. Wow that really shows my age... watching a show that someone's mom enjoyed.

I remember when I babysat in junior high and high school, this family next-door would only allow the kids to watch The Cosby Show. They asked that I not let them watch Growing Pains, which was my favorite show!

Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

Steam Me Up, Kid said...

You WHAT? You were too good, huh? Are you a loser or a winner then?

You DO look engrossed. I'm glad I'm not the only one who does that. I took a phone video of myself laughing at America's Funniest Home Videos last week.

mo.stoneskin said...

I can't imagine what the combined smells of chamomile and burning rubber smells of.



Anonymous said...

You're ok with getting kicked out because you're gonna go on a tour for real and make money. Genius.

otherworldlyone said...

Bummer. I was hoping it would be me and you, good naturedly fighting for the finish. But you're a good singer and your videos were awesome. No, they can't take that awwwwwway from yoooouuu!

I never really got into Star Trek. I watched a bit back in the day, but I honestly can't remember a thing about it.

diane said...

Go ahead and tune in, my in tune friend. It beats sitting around and feeling bad for yourself, unless you're watching something crappy on Lifetime. said...

Holy crap! I think we have the same mom. She's coming to visit me this next week so I'll ask her. ;)

marcia furman said...

getting kicked out is total BS!!! LOL! I /almost/ swore! haha!

Prosy said...

my favorite thing about Star Trek NG is the holodeck where they could have like a fantasy life?...Captain Picard had a white horse he always rode in there..? I think. My nerd is showing.

miss. chief said...

you know, I've never watched any star trek episode ever. I should, hey?