Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Let's Do A Header, Together.

I love my header. A friend made it for me a while ago and I wasn't expecting it to be so awesome. But the kids are getting older and I'm tired of looking at the side of my teeth (which aren't so yellow in real life).

So today I'm asking everyone to come up with a new header for me. As a reward to the header I pick, I will give away either a set of Organic Cotton Scrubettes or any item from my shop (no custom items, please) under $20, winners choice.

I'm pretty open to lots of styles, I like the cartoony super cute look...but I also like photos. This is the reason I'm looking for someone to design this thing for me. I'm an undecided mess most of the time.

(I told Max what I was doing on the blog today and she yelled out, "Have TOTORO on the blog MOMMA....TOOOOOOOOOO TOOOOOOOO ROOOOOOOO!" She adores Japanese style big eyed creatures.)

If you need photos of reference or photos for use that are not available on the blog, please contact me.

Headers are to be submitted to me, via email at by March 27th.

If you have the time or the inclination promote this contest on your blog have at it so I can get lots of header designs to choose from! Many thanks and hugs and little kissies all over your cutesy cheeks and forehead area.


otherworldlyone said...

I would love to do it for the prize alone, but I'm artistically challenged. I write - I can't draw or copy and paste without cursing. (Hell, who am I kidding? I can't even write without cursing lately.)

Therefore, I will just mention it on my next post.

Kim said...

Why don't you just call your best friend Vic? I'm sure she can make the BEST HEADER EVER in the history of headers.

No, not still bitter about her ridiculously awesome entry in the last contest.

Ally said...

I want one too! I messaged a friend a few days who's a designer hoping she'd lend a hand. Hoping she hooks me up. I offered to donate to a charity of her choice since I don't have any cool creations to give away like you do :(

Tony said...

Kim's comment was hilarious! Oh, man...

I used to be decent at the whole photoshop thing, but after working on my last header, I realized that I'm terrible at it. BUT if I get some free time, I'll try to make one for ya.

Anonymous said...

Damn you and your "Be Creative" competitions! Why can't you ever do a "Who Can Be the Laziest Blogger" competition? Because I'm pretty sure I could win that.

P.S. Kim is right. Vic made my header. And Steammy's. She rocks.

Vic said...

Okay, okay, I promise not to enter, I'll just support you all from afar. :) I only just play around with the Photoshop stuff anyway.

Although, Humphrey COULD use a

Go, go, go!!!