Friday, March 5, 2010

No School

On Monday I will be registering The Web's Favorite Baby Girl, Maxine Jane, for Kindergarten.

I have all the paperwork in order. I am mentally prepared. I think that it is going to be awesome for her. I hope that she gains experiences and exceeds every expectation.

But Maxine Jane does not want to go.

Our usually articulate heroine gives shorts whiny answers the all the inevitable school questions.

"Are you ready for school in the fall, Max?"

"Aghhhhh. No School."

"Are you excited to meet your teacher?"

"Nooooo schoooollll."

"Maxine...did you know that you get a treat everyday in school?"


"Not always...sometimes crackers, some-"

"-Nooooooooo candyyyy nooooo schoolllllllllll."

Oh Boy. She doesn't cry or throw a fit and is pretty easily placated on the matter, like she knows that she's attending after 'the summer is over', but she's going to go begrudgingly. Very begrudgingly.

This morning I brought up to her that we would be able to get her a bunch of new clothes for school.

"No School."

"Ok Max. I get it. You don't want to go to school. But I don't think you realize how awesome it's going to be. Lots of kids to play with, lots of treats, lots of coloring, a fun bus will be such a big girl. "

Cue the tears, my tears.

"Momma. Don't cry. I'll only be gone for a bit."

"No School."


diane said...

You both have great instincts. Not once was the subject of education breached.
Love the photo of the two of you.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Those kids aren't stupid, they don't want to leave your side!

Logical Libby said...

You are on the ball if you are already buying school clothes.

And Meg will never go to school because she is going to stay a baby forever.

Ally said...

Awwww. Max knows where it's at and school isn't it. Just kidding.

I love your ending -- So sweet. Awww. Hugs to you. It must be hard watching them grow up so fast. Time really flies.

Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

otherworldlyone said...

Aw, so sweet! Cute photo.

I had to register Hannah last week. Once she saw the giant playground she was completely on board and upset that she couldn't go immediately.

Geeze you've got it together. School clothes? Ugh.

And I'm so terrified of putting my clumsy, not nearly as independent as I was at that age, child on the bus...that I'm reworking my schedule so she doesn't have to ride it. Sigh. I know.

You've been through this before, so you know what to expect. You'll have to give me the run down. I'm going in blind.

Steve E said...

VERY cute story, surprise ending--not! And Prize-Winning Photo

PEACE for you AND Maxine Jane....

Bethany said...

Darling pic.
You'll both get through it.
Crayons and candy for you too!

Tony said...

Aw...that's cute...

School is the devil though.

erin said...

Diane: We also have great hair.

Dr.: Awww. She leaves my side three days a week to go to her dad's house. That's part of the reason I'm so sad she'll be gone all day too.

Mad Libbs: My momma and I were shopping for Rose and Olivia's piano recital and picked up a few things for Max...I thought Max would always be my baby. Even after I had Elijah.

Ally: I was okay sending Rose, totally okay sending Olive...but for some reason I can't imagine sending Max. Ugh!

Aly: As I just said to Ally with two 'l's I have no idea why I'm having such a tough time letting Max go. Rose and Olive will be riding the bus with her in the morning and then she's on a Kindergarten bus on the way home, so I'm pretty chill about that part. It's who's going to wipe her butt and hold her and kiss her all day long that I'm worried about. ;)

Steve and Bethany: Thanks and thanks. I appreciate it.

Tony: SCHOOL IS THE DEVIL. But Max is kind of like the devil as well...they're evenly matched methinks.

Kim said...

You know, with all your crochety magic sometimes it's easy to overlook what a really good writer you are. This was great.

mo.stoneskin said...

Cute cute photo. A cuddle with mummy beats school hands down.

Steam Me Up, Kid said...

This was so sweet, and the photo at the end is just perfect. Max is such a kyuteh, like her mom.

Maggie May said...

you are so awe.some.

and. your dolls are AWE.SOME.


John Pender said...

Nice way of turning it around on her!

Ms. Moon said...

It's so hard. So hard. I know. Wait 'til they go to college!

Sam said...

Awww. I didn't realize that Maxine and Jarrah were going to kindergarten at the same time! :) We can compare notes. ;)

Unknown Mami said...

The photo of the two of you is stunning. You will both be okay!

Mwa said...

My two year old is starting school in September, and we both can't wait. You Americans are weird! ;-)

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Oh, I remember these days! My kids both went to pre-school, so we had our scared trauma there. They were both pretty excited about kindergarten and I was okay with it too. Mine only went to half day kindergarten, so it was just enough time for me to be a person instead of a mom for a while.

It was sending that last one to college that almost killed me. I bought everything chocolate I could find and went to bed for a couple of days.

My only suggestion is don't give in even when you really want to. I know people that walk their kids into class for months...just don't do it after the first day or two. She will love it!

Thanks for your visit!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

She sure is cute.