Thursday, October 8, 2009

I Love You, I Honestly Love You.

LadyTruth gave me this award. Isn't it cute? It reminds me of the little notes that you pass to your friends or to boys in the 6th grade.

Dear Blogging Universe,


Call me if your mom ungrounds you this weekend. We can talk all day and night and coordinate outfits for school on Monday.


I know the whole idea of getting an award is passing it on, but I just don't want to. I'm going to pretend that award is special just for me.

I made up my own awards for some special bloggers:

This is for Steamy. She and I were commiserating about being fat. I'm sure she's nowhere near as chubster as me, but she's in my thoughts.

This is for my friend Marcia. She's my neighbor and an awesome totally excellent artist. Links to her etsy shop can be found on her blog. She has the most adorable items, very reasonable prices and also...She has Crazy Ass Style.

This old dude is freaking fracking hilarious. His blog is not for the weak of heart, so if you're my mom, Jeremiah's mom or stepmom...I would refrain from going over there. If you're not one of those people then have at it, Old Knudsen will make your day.

We could be great friends, you know. The young fat ingenue and the bitter old tart.

And I know that Jeremiah does not have a blog...but he totally deserves this award:


Steam Me Up, Kid said...

These are the cutest awards! I love that you made one for Jeremiah.

And the hippo and tortoise are named Owen and Mzee, they are best friends. I have a book about them. And what's weird is I was just thinking about friends last night, and which of my friends would be my Mzee. Cause you know, I'm nobody's Mzee. Hell no.

I love my super skinneh bitch. She makes me feel pretty. :-)

Chief said...

So clever!

Mwa said...

I like the personal awards. Very nice.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Congratulations! Love 'em!


Old Knudsen said...

Ach now lass don't call yerself a bitter old tart being 40 is not old embrace it.

Those animals fit in with my hit reality show, "I wonder what that tastes like?"

A second season has yet to be picked up by the networks but I'm hoping for some panda covered in miracle whip before the year is out.
I'm trying to clean up my language to be more media friendly for going back to the UK next year but its tough when there are so many morons in the world that need telling off.

erin said...

Steamy: That's shocking that you were just thinking of those two...we're absolutely the same person, I'm sure of it now.

Chief: Thank You.

Mwa: And Thank You.

Momster: And Thank You.

Knudsen: I'm 28. That's nowhere remotely close to 40. At all.
Maybe we wouldn't be such good friends after all, you narrowly saved your ass with the panda comment. Golden delicious Pandas.

marcia furman said...

Yay!! I feel so privileged! Thank you! And... that dude has flippin SWEET erm...side burns?!

Vic said...

Great awards, Erin!!

And why is Owen a perfect hippo name?

(Jeremiah looks extra handsome in that picture. He's full of serious charmingness.. :)

John Pender said...


mylittlebecky said...

i'm haunted by the skeletor, eeeeeww. ew, ew, ew!

Beth said...

You've thought up the best awards yet! Awesome!

Petit fleur said...

I can't remember what I was going to say, but did love this! You are a funny bunny!

xo pf

ladytruth said...

You make the cutest and coolest awards ever just like your adorable hats! This is me jealously stabbing a pencil into the leaflet next to me out of envious frustration.

And you DO know that award is ESPECIALLY for you? Dishing out awards is like giving a little piece of my heart away and hoping it is received in the right light. And you passed the test :)

Unknown Mami said...

Your awards rock!

I Am Very Mary said...

That? That's funny as hell!

kara said...

ah. i see you have the microsoft paint program. splendid.