Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm like an Award Winning Journalist!

The newly redesigned and immensely awesome (yes, I'm laying it on quite thick, but the admins are my buddies!) Studio Thirty Plus used to have a Blogger Q and A section. Each week a blogger would interview another blogger and then that interviewed blogger would pick a different blogger and interview them.

Well, Miss Yvonne interviewed me a while ago and then I interview Kim from Yellow Trash Diaries. It turns out Kim and I broke Studio Thirty Plus's Q and A...because it's not longer there.

Is it possible to break the interwebs? Leave it to us to make that happen!

Here is my interview with the lovely and witty Kim:

Hello Kim. Throughout this question asking extravaganza I expect you to be sarcastic and borderline rude the entire time. I hope you can live up to those expectations.

1) First off, just to make things a bit more comfortable around here (for me at least), let’s get something out of the way. Are you attracted to me? Are your intentions towards me wholesome or completely inappropriate?

Lately I have been asking my husband to wear hats with kitten ears to our bed, does that answer your question?

2) For those of us who don’t haven’t read through your whole entire blog…why the name Yellow Trash Diaries? I just want to let you know that I have read most of your blog.

Well, The Wind In My Vagina was already taken, so....

3) Being a fan of your facebook comic page, Kimmie Haha and your more serious looking facebook art page K.H. Waters Art, I’ve always wondered; did you have any artistic training? Can you make a little cartoon me? Can you do it right now? Like immediately.

Total artistic training: one class in middle school, one drawing class in college, and many, many lonely hours spent with my paper and pencil in my room during my childhood. Thank you for reminding me of that painful period in my life. Thank you very much, Erin.

4) You live in GEORGIA!? I feel damp just thinking about it. We used to drive through Georgia on the way to my grandparents old folks condo in Destin Fl. Is it hot right now? Do you ever think about moving?

Damp? Seriously?

My father was in the army. They sent us from Alaska to here-- 'cause the Army likes to fuck with people like that. Don't know why I've stayed since then, maybe the sweet tea has dulled my senses and will to leave.

5) Now that we’re knee deep in the mire of this horrible interview, are you regretting telling me that you would do this? Do you wish that someone else would have interviewed you instead? Like Vic…or Jules? They’re so much cooler than me.

Vic and Jules are much cooler than you. But really, Erin, that is a long list to get into, and do we really have time to go down that road? Also, I think Vic may be blocking my emails.

6) Ok, here’s the inevitable question, why did you start blogging?

My best friend begged me to. I think she was getting tired of the drunken heart to heart phone calls in the middle of the night.

7) What has surprised you about the blogging experience so far?

The great people I've bonded with.

What? Shut up.

8) You have two extremely adorable children (way to go with just the two…anymore kids than that and it’s out of control stupid), what is your favorite aspect of parenting? What’s your least favorite?

Okay, obviously you are out to completely humiliate me by making me show my soft underbelly. So, my favorite part of parenting, I suppose, is the freedom to completely love another person without holding back for fear of rejection or hurt. I love them without any walls and with such magnitude it humbles me.

Shit. There, happy now?

My least favorite part of parenting? Well, I didn't get high blood pressure for nuthin', honey.

9) I have a sort of weird obsession with bed time routines. Why? I don’t know. What is your bedtime/night-time routine? Do you think it’s strange that I want to know?

The only routine I have is an ongoing game with my husband. It's called Who's going to be last up the stairs and left turning everything off? It's a challenge to see who can surprise the other by retiring first-- we relish subtlety.

Yeah, we're boring. And lazy.

10) Your husband seems cool. Can we swap for a few days?

Depends. How is Jeremiah's credit score?


Kim said...

Wow, our interview was so bad we took down the system. Our combined dork level was too much-- seperately we might have had a chance at acceptance, but together we stood out like a sore thumb.

I am totally selling you out when they come for us to revoke our membership.

Erin said...

I really liked the "Questions for a Blogger" feature! It should be brought back immediately! :-)

Stephanie Meade Gresham said...

I always win the you-turn-everything-off-and-don't-forget-to-feed-the-fish-and-bring-me-vitamins-game when I play with my husband.

And the i-use-more-hyphens-than-you-game.

*play with my husband? i'm nasty.

Anonymous said...

HA! We should make you pay for it!!!

SherilinR said...

way to go, breaking stuff that doesn't even belong to you!
and i like how you started the interview off by asking her if she's into you in an inappropriate way. cuz that's not even a little bit awkward.

Vic said...

So THAT's where the Blogger Q & A went!.. figures. I turn my back for a minute and something gets broken! (That's my speech at home too.)

Great interview! (and although I am incredibly, painfully cool, I only block Kim's emails when she forwards me those Nigerian scams.

Fool me once...

otherworldlyone said...

"The wind in my vagina."