Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Customizing Cuteness

I love doing custom orders. I think it's the neatest thing, making something with my own two hands for someone else to enjoy. Something a baby can cuddle with, something little kids can play dress up with, something that one of my blog friends can wrap around them on a chilly bike ride.

My last two custom orders have been especially pleasant, one for Colleen who writes at her blog, Collology. If you're not reading her now, please do so. She's calm, insightful and intelligent. I made a set for her impending arrival in October, she liked it so much she's come back for more.

My latest endeavor at her behest:

This set, or your interpretation of the perfect custom gift for your friend or relative or reticulated falcon neighbor can be ordered by contacting me at my email address,

An also super fun order from Tara at Bite The Bed Bugs (who is ultra cute, hilarious and should be your facebook friend). Three kitty cat hats in three different sizes made of the most excellent organic cotton/linen mix. She loved them and wrote this on my book of faces, 'oh the hats arrived! They are fantastic!!! And so soft! You are now my go-to girl for baby/kid gifts'.

The Size 7 Girls is in light grey and raspberry, Size 4 Girls is in light grey and carnation pink and the baby girl hat is in carnation pink and bubblegum pink.

I just realized that I didn't write about Rosey on her 10th birthday, which was this weekend! Shame on me. Boo Hiss.

Here is my oldest child, my darling Rosey on her 10th birthday with her brand new glasses:

And then this photo....cause that's just how I roll:


Little Ms Blogger said...

The hats are very cute and I wish they were around when I was a kid!

Amanda said...

I love it! I want some kitty cat hats for my new arrival in the fall. I'll let you know if it's a girl or boy :)

Kim said...

Happy birthday to your firstborn!

Ms. Moon said...

Hell of a lot of cuteness here!
And Rosey is GORGEOUS! You tell her I said so, okay?

Powdered Toast Man said...

I would like a giraffe mask please. I love giraffes.iwant it by June 11 2017. Do u accept food stamps?

mylittlebecky said...

futurebaby is *so* gettng a bunny! kayoooot!

Angela Christensen said...

Dear Fans of Blogging Is for Dorks,
Can I please weigh in here and say that no matter your age, if you get a custom order from Ultra-Cure Crochet, you will be VERY happy. My charming, delightful, and undeniably bald husband who has been more or less bullied into the Boxer Rescue business by me, has a wonderful hat custom-made by this fine establishment, that makes him look like he has Boxer ears. And even tho we live in Florida and snuggly cap weather is relatively rare, that hat gets WORN, people. Order up.
Angie at Eat Here

otherworldlyone said...

Love the set, just beautiful.

Happy Birthday to Rosey!

Colleen said...

We've been thrilled with both customized sets you created for us. They are absolutely the perfect baby gift and I have a feeling we will continue to order them as our friends start their families. Get those knitting needles ready!

l'ananas said...

I love these hats...though a monkey version would be my custom order ; ) That bunny is delicious!