Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Waiter Probably will not Visit My Formspring Account.

Jeremiah and I had the worst sushi EVER yesterday afternoon. And it's not like we went to some chinese buffet that has the gross weird sitting for days 'sushi' at the one end of the buffet (under the hot lights). This was an actual Japanese Restaurant with a promoted sushi bar. I'm so sad. It's actually turned me off of my favorite going out dinner (for a little while at least).

The weird thing is the waiter actually hated me. Which is strange, because everyone always loves me, this much is obvious.

When we walked in to the restaurant and were being seated the waiter was at the booth right beyond the one we were being led to. He had his arm around a customer and was talking to her about how cool it was that she was going to college, about how they were excellent customers and how they really made his day. His accent was fun, he was giggly and I was kind of looking forward to having him as our waiter.

After we were seated and my smiles at him were not returned in any fashion, I figured that whenever he was done with the other customers he would turn his adorable affections on us.
He coldly walked past us without a greeting or asking us for a drink order. He didn't come back for quite a awhile. When he did he was completely without the amusing grin, the cocked hip, the funny banter.

"What you want to drink?" Emotionless.

"Well, I'll have a water, and the baby will have water in a kids cup. Do you have something with a lid?"

I get a solemn and annoyed roll of the eyes for the question.

"Of course."

Jeremiah looks amused. My charms have failed, my smile did not work it's usual magic. I couldn't bumble my way into this guys heart...and I had no idea why.

Jeremiah orders a Coke (which is horrible for him and I wish he would never ever drink ever. If you're out there reading this and thinking that Coke isn't so bad, please reconsider. Cola is the downfall of our nation and Diet Cola is even worse. Take Care and protect yourself from this evil force.)

The waiter turns and rushes off before I can ask for hot tea.

I'm disappointed by the menu and although I usually don't like to order the usual and popular americanized rolls I settle on a lunch special with three rolls (one to share with Elijah). The waiter doesn't write it down, but I'm okay with that. What I'm not ok with is the way he hasn't once looked at us while we're sitting there RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM. What did I do that could have pissed off the guy so badly that his whole demeanor changed? Was it the smile? The awesome black turtle neck with 3/4 length sleeves? The light grey pants? The boots that are cloth and seem like that might be slippers but I wear them out in the snow regardless of their original and manufactured intent? The hair straightened but intentionally unstyled so as not to appear too soccer mommish?

Jeremiah orders some maki combo. We both get salads and soup. Which were both wonderful and practically thrown at us by our grouchy waiter.

Our rolls come out soon after, which was surprising. One of the usual experiences of eating sushi is waiting a little bit longer for the dude to craft your shit (I know the proper terms, I just don't want to seem like a total dweeb).

As I told you before they were gross. I'm not going to go into the details but I only ate a few pieces, which means that it had to be pretty dang bad. I have no idea how Jeremiah ended up eating all his and mine although he was as unhappy with the quality and taste as I was. I guess he was hungry.

We waited for a very long time for the bill. The mean waiter never refilled our drinks (which is probably better considered Jeremiah was drinking the 'evil pop'). He did bring us the bill eventually. Which wasn't cheap. He didn't say a word through this all. He did bring Jeremiah a refill right before we left though. It was diet Coke (the eviler of the two, which we discussed earlier, remember?).

We talked about our horrible experience for the rest of the day. Or actually...I complained about it for the rest of the day and Jeremiah nodded his head at me and pretended he was listening.

In other news, you can now ask me whatever your little heart desires over here at Mainly because I'm not original in any way shape or form and Steamy , Aly and Tony are doing it. I'll probably be putting a linky thing up over on the right side of my blog, somewhere. Although I hate clutter and I think that would really clutter this place up. Ugh, so many important decisions to make.


lizzie lou said...

i hate when this kind of thing happens so much. i am so incredibly nice to waiters, and we are great tippers (and we hardly ever eat out, so it's a big deal when we do). and though i don't think of myself as insecure at all, when a waiter inexplicably hates me like that, i obsess over it -- was it the kids? my outfit? the fact that i didn't order a drink/appetizer/dessert/whatever? being a vegetarian? my face?!

miss. chief said...

I'm also on formspringme now. Not that I really get what it is...but I mean if you, Aly and Steamy are doing it, it must be cool, right?

Ms. Moon said...

Well. Just don't go back there. That's my advice.
Snotty servers suck.

Bethany said...

I think he was secretely in love with you, obviously! and was just so angry that he could not compete with your adoring, handsome husband.He wished he was sitting there with you, not waiting on you. It struck his core lonliness.
Thanks for making me laugh.
I always get riled up too forever when someone I don't know seems to HATE me. Sorry the food sucked. I don't know the proper name for making the sushi stuff, be a dork and tell me!

Sam said...

Hi, I'm Sam, and...I have a coke problem. Love me anyway. Not even diet coke. The real stuff. It's ruining my life.

Snotty waiters can totally ruin my meal, too. But I agree he might have been in love with you. Every time he sneaked a peek at your dazzling face, he was blinded and had to look away.

John Pender said...

Coke is the devil! Don't know if you ever read about what it did to me, but I'm living much better now.
I usually get up and walk out on waiters like that. If I don't get a good first impression, I'm out the door.

Tony said...

I agree that Coke is the devil. I'm more of a Pepsi man, myself. Hehe. But seriously, soda is indeed evil, and I still drink it. That makes me a terrible person.

Was your waiter Asian? Probably. Most likely your waiter was a Korean person. I don't know why so many Koreans own Sushi and Chinese restaurants, but they do. Anyway, Koreans are pretty much the assholes of Asia. We're an angry group. When one of us is mad, we want to make those around us mad. I don't get mad very often though, and I like to think that I'm a nice person...but I'm pretty sure there are people out there who think that I'm an anus, so yeah.

Sorry your sushi wasn't good though. Also, sorry about your asshole waiter.

Oh! And thanks for the shout out, by the way! It made me happy!

Anonymous said...

When I am disappointed in a restaurant it takes me a long time to get over it.

erin said...

lizzie: I'm super nice too, and Jeremiah is a thoughtful tipper. Waiters/waitresses LOVE when I ask if a soup is made with chicken/beef broth. Love it.

Miss: I didn't know you had one too! I'll have to add you to my list. And yes, we're cool. The more we tell ourselves that, the more obvious to the world it will become.

Ms: We won't ever go back there. Definitely not.

Bethany: The sushi dude is called a you'd say Itamae-San. There's a phrase that you say that means 'chef's choice':'Omakase'...this is a good phrase to use when ordering at the actual sushi bar. It's a good way to get the freshest sushi and a good introduction to different kinds.
Say:Gochiso-sama deshita [goh chee soh / sah mah / day shee tah] at the end of the meal to show the chef how much you enjoyed it. I think it means 'that was really a feast'.

Sam:I'm sure he hated me. I can tell. Get off the Coke now, Same. Before it's too late.

John: We should have left. I haven't read your Coke story...I'll look it up on your site.

Tony: He was Asian and he certainly didn't seem like an asshole in general. Just to us. Hated us.
Thanks for thanking me for the shout out. I mean, you're welcome.

Secretia: It seems silly but I have a hard time getting over it as well. Obviously.

Amanda said...

I HATE having bad waiter/waitress experiences! I don't go out to eat very often, so when I do, is it too much to ask for good service? Especially if it's an expensive place. And I don't want to sound pretentious, but really, you're a waiter whose paycheck partially depends on my tip and you're going to give ME attitude? Ugh! Sorry it was a bad time!

otherworldlyone said...

I'm so cool that nobody asks me any GD questions. Sigh. I'm going to bombard your account, Er Bear.

I've been a waitress. Fickle creatures. You should have told him straight up, "Look dude, you're getting a shit tip because you suck at life." That might have helped him perk up a bit. Or spit in your food. Whatevs.

Logical Libby said...

I stopped drinking Diet Pepsi last week. Okay, I didn't quit, but I cut back greatly. GREATLY. And, I have lost two pounds.

mo.stoneskin said...

And you say you're going back there later today?!


I couldn't cope!

Alicia (aka Dr. Mom) said...

soooooo randomly weird. I cant imagine why the waiter would hate you. What's not to like?!?!?! Perhaps he hates everyone, he just happened to LIKE that couple he was talking with earlier? And the bad sushi blows - I get so revved up for sushi that if I get a bad batch (And have to PAY good money for it) I would be devestated for days.

So, is diet cola that evil? I have a serious addiction to diet pepsi. I know its bad... but its my only vice. Other than drinking. And yelling. And eating vast quanities of chocolate. I think that's about it. :)

Vic said...

I've been in this situation too many times. My theory is that he wrote you off when he saw you had a kid with you. Ordering ice water sealed your fate.

You are tragically unhip. Welcome to my world. :) (I would have told the manager on the way out that the guy was a pain in the ass. Because I'm a tattletale.)

Mwa said...

I hate hate hate bad waiters. Going out should be a nice treat.