Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sneak Peaking

I'm very excited to show everyone my new items!

If you are interested in anything shown on my blog or in my etsy shop, please contact me. I'm a very prompt, awesome business lady. I just called myself a 'lady'! Did I ever tell you about the time I told a teenage waitress not to call me 'Ma'm' and it seemed like she was going to cry!? Another time, I guess.

Tomorrow is Olivia's birthday and the post will be all about her...come back for her grisly massacre-like birth story. (Just kidding, I wasn't planning on talking about her birth or how her giantness ripped my tiny body stem to sternum and left me hospitalized for five days)

This is my newest item, a reversible baby blanket:

It's traditional 'crib' or 'carriage' size and the polka-dots are reversible. Duh. Lime on one side, chocolate on the other. I'm currently working on a chocolate blanket with dark pink and scarlett reversible poseys. Very 'modern' colors. I love them. For a limited time the blanket pictured will be available for $50. A custom blanket (you pick the materials and colors) are $70. Contact me for ordering info via email:

This is a women's cabled hat in teal (This hat is currently $25!) matches the candy apple red cabled hat girls 2T-4T ($20). This is the style of hat and scarf I wear. I wear it in black though.

This is Kara wearing one of the custom sets she ordered...A custom cabled set is $90. The scarf is $55 and the hat is $35. No adorable bows for Kara though:

Kara should be my new model!!!

I made this hat for Vic's daughter a few months ago. I call them 'Pan Beanies' cause they remind me of Peter Pan. They can be worn buckled for a rolled brim or unbuckled for a longer look. (The pic of me is funny on purpose...not because I'm funny looking)
Vic's daughter's hat was in dark green and lime (to order this hat custom made contact me with what colors and sizes you would be interested in. Child's custom 'Pan Beanie' $20, Adult custom 'Pan Beanie' $30)

This Child's Pan Beanie 12mths-2T is in chocolate with hazelnut trim. The vintage buttons are robin's egg blue (this hat is available right now for shipping on sale for $18):


Vic said...

Also, my daughter LOVES her hat. (the aforementioned "Pan Beanie". Perfect name..) She wears it to school probably three days a week.

(I love mine too.)

I wish I had a new baby in my world (not mine, someone else's!) to give a blanket too. Those are adorable, Erin.

Lora said...

Wow! All of that stuff is gorgeous, but I really love the baby blanket. So cute.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

You do great work. I love it all.

Tony said...

This is seriously mystifying stuff. The other day, I saw a yarn thing at Target, and I wondered to myself, "That magically turns into a shirt, scarf, glove(s), and hats!"

I applaud you! You are like my own personal magician!

otherworldlyone said...

Shit! Buttons!

Ally said...

Those are so cute! I especially love the blue with brown.

Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

Sam said...

I'm glad you cleared that up, about you not being funny-looking. ;)

The stuff is adorable, as always. And I love that you told someone not to call you ma'am. I'm going to try that. Instead I just wince. ;)

erin said...

Vic: I love that she loves her beanie. I love it too. I made Olivia one just like it (since she's MY redhead) and she lost it the next day at school.

Lora: Thanks, I love the blankets too.

Dr.: Thank You!

Tony: They sell yarn at Target? I usually order it online since I but luxury yarns most of the time...Target sounds much cheaper.

OWO: I forgot about it too. Buttons, button, who's got the buttons?

Ally: Thank You!

Sammy Sue: I didn't even think about it, I just automatically said, "Can you please not call me ma'm??? It really bothers me. It's not a big deal and it's not like I'm mad...I just think it's ridiculous that someone would call me ma'm.' The poor girl actually gulped and apologized. I thought I would get a laugh, but instead ruined her night.

Kim said...

Those look so soft and plushy-- I love it!

John Pender said...

Kara rocks

Steam Me Up, Kid said...

You say "MY redhead" like you OWN her or something.

You have a way with color, Erin.

mo.stoneskin said...

I love the blanket, and the crazy poses, but I have to admit that my baby is not reversible so the blanket won't suit her...

Angela said...

You are incredibly talented and creative. I seriously hope to get half as good as you are some day (more than just one cat hat and a few stuffed animals).

So lovely. Thanks for sharing.

Alyssa said...

WOW your stuff is gorgeous I am glad I found your site!

kara said...

i have a story of almost loss about my new scarf. it will go into blog form later today. on the edge of your seat? well, that's ok.