Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A PhotoJournalist's Worst Nightmare

I feel like I haven't posted photos in awhile...although I'm completely sure that the notion is inaccurate.

Olivia drew this for me, it's our family. From the left?
Jeremiah, Maxine, Olivia, Rosey, Momma, Elijah. Look at Elijah's freaky E.T. head! Ahhh!
(You will notice that I am thin in this family drawing. Olivia told me the other day, "Thank God you're not fat anymore, Momma.")

Jeremiah looks stormy and brooding while he's being artistic. He's so gorgeous.

Elijah is also gorgeous.

New blankey! In luxury merino wool...it is soooo soft. This blankey is baby size and on sale for $50 right now. Please contact me for more info at oliverosetree@yahoo.com or visit my shop online Ultra-Cute Crochet.

Trouble Times Two

Olivia Turned 7 this month

Rosey has black eyes. I don't mean the bruised kind...This hat is also for sale. It's sized Womens Regular, but as you see can be worn slouchy on a pre-teen or a teen.

Jeremiah was uncooperative while I was taking many many photos of us playing glow in the dark mini golf. So I posted the pic of him making a face at the camera in protest.


Ally said...

Your girls look so much like you, it's wild. I love the blanket. Very cute. Good thing you're not fat anymore. Eek. Kids say the craziest things!

Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

michelle said...

Family portraits by kids are the best. As is their commentary about our bodies. Always good for a giggle.

Olivia looks just like you. I love that

Bethany said...

oh such fun pics. What a beautiful family. Love the blankie and hat.
The family drawing is priceless!

mo.stoneskin said...

You have a beautiful family AND a beautiful blankey. What more could you want?!

Tony said...

Wow...Olivia's family portrait is awesome. I like how tiny she drew Elijah, with his gigantic head. Made me chuckle.

diane said...

Dark & brooding gets old fast, you'll see.
"Good thing you're not fat anymore", cause it's takes more crayons to color you in?
Love the blanket. And the black eyes. Oh h*ll, I love everything about this post today, so there.

Ms. Moon said...

Once, when one of my daughters was about three, she said, "Mommy, I don't want a fat mother." I got my fat ass to Weight Watchers.

Anonymous said...

Is Jeremiah smashing your child's head in that drawing? I think that's illegal....

My fake child would probably say, "Daddy keeps saying you need to stop eating chocolate and eat more celery like we do."

That's why I don't have kids.

Steam Me Up, Kid said...

Your kids are like the United Nations of hair. Everyone's represented.

Plus, I have to say, that's a good portrait. It took time, you can tell.

erin said...

Ally: Thanks, I tend to think they look like their fathers...but sometimes I hear someone say they look like me.

Michelle: Olivia is always good for a giggle...and a chuckle..and a nervous breakdown.

Bethany: I love that blankey too. I'm tempted to keep it and sleep with it.

Mo: A big bowl of butter pecan ice cream?

Tony: I also think it's an awesome portrait. I made her make a copy of it too, kept her busy for a very long time. Didn't tell her I could have made my own copy in .02 seconds.

Diane: Thanks. Yep, she used to draw me as huge. And I still have some weight to lose...so I must have really made a change in size.

Ms Moon: Olivia is very thin and has no qualms about comparing others to her super thin stature. We have to constantly remind her not to be cruel. It's tiring.

Jules: She forgot Max and Jeremiah originally and had to squeeze them into the side...where the giant tree she really wanted to draw was supposed to go...

Beckerino: People are commenting on the vast array of hair colors my kids have. Although Elijah's used to match Roses and it now matches Max's AND Max's used to be much blonder. Those sentences were a humongous waste of time.

John Pender said...

How much for Rosey's eyes?

Sam said...

I LERVE that family photo. You guys are adorable.

otherworldlyone said...

Too cute. The kid has just gotten into drawing "people". They're actually circles with stick legs, but I'm excited about the possibilities.

The tub photo is my favorite. He's such a cutie.

mylittlebecky said...

looooovely blanket! and those girlies are little yous. your fami is gorgeous!

Unknown Mami said...

Something about Olivia's expression in that photo makes her look so much like you.