Saturday, December 12, 2009

Why Is There A Mother Trucking Bow in My Hair? What Am I, 10?

I've been working on a big order for Kara and even though I always put forth my best effort to make the best possible (and most unique as possible) handmade accessories...the stuff I've made for her is extra super cool.

I made her a new type of armwarmer, with no finger holes as per her instructions and then placed two medium buttons at one end. This ended up making so many different ways to wear them! Turned out cool. She ordered a neckwarmer to go with it, this particular one has black vintage buttons that match the armwarmers and can be a cowled neckwarmer or a short scarf.

Here are some ways to wear the armwarmers and neckwarmer...
Long with no cuff (comes up to just below my elbows, but I'm sure my arms are heavier than Kara's.)

Long, short cuff:

Long cuff:

Short cuff, scrunched:

And here is the neckwarmer with red buttons instead of black:

This scarf is a longer design with an old fashioned stitch called a chevron stitch. I thought the stitch looked neat with the gold color. I insist on wearing scarfs as hoods for some reason. I just love hood type things. And this can be wrapped around many times and scrunched to make a cowl too. Perfect for a brown coat, methinks.

These two I already packaged. The red set is a giant huge scarf and a matching hat in a cable pattern. It was the coolest and hardest thing I've ever worked on. Kudos to me.

The second is a scarf for Kara's Boyfriend's Grandma. And if that isn't random, I don't know what is.

If you're still interested in Christmas gifts, I might still be able to accommodate some orders, depending on what you want and if I have the supplies available. Please don't hestitate to contact me with any questions or requests...I'm very prompt.

And. I. Love. You.


kara said...

your 'thank you' pickles are en route. i'd like to say that they were the hardest thing i ever worked on, but that would be a fib.

i love all the things you made me and i'm going to wear them all the different ways at the same time. because i can.

PorkStar said...

The scarf and arm thingies are cool!!!!!!! do you sell those? Would you sell me some of that? i really like the armwarmers. Email me pls if you do.


Madame DeFarge said...

I'm impressed by anyone that can knits, as I'm notorious useless at it. These look great.

Dr. Monkey said...

I. Love. You. Too.

Tony said...

Those are really cool. I'm actually really impressed. I always wanted a scarf but was always too afraid that that would make me less of a man. Fun fact of the day.

mo.stoneskin said...

Despite being an ignoramus I'm rather impressed with the chevron stitch and I think I'm in love with it.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

And you model, too! A woman of many facets.


Steam Me Up, Kid said...

I got my scarf and headband today. They are so pretty! I never liked pink/purple so much before, but I think it's my new favorite color now, because of YOU. Sorry, orange.

I have also decided on which of your kids is my favorite. I like the redhead. Ship her next.

Anonymous said...

Scarfs can be sexy too! Not just warm and practical.