Thursday, December 17, 2009

Vibrating Thursday. Now with Sales and Randomly Placed Comments.

I can hear Christmas songs playing on

I have a giant honking tree sparkling behind me.

I've got Olivia's 'Dear Santa' card propped up on my printer. (She wants a 'mocanocol popy'.)

I can see the sunlight tripping over the light dusting of snow outside my window.

I can feel my phone vibrating in my pocket. (Jeremiah and I text all day instead of doing our work.)

I also know that none of these things are remotely important, I'm just taking stock of my surroundings.

It's very cold out today. I haven't really stepped outside this house in three days. I think it's starting to take a toll on my appearance. And we all know that's all that really matters in life.

Ben Folds was on t.v. last night. (The Sing-Off) It was a strange experience for me, considering he's been my favorite artist since I was a teenager. I've always said he would be big someday, but I'm not sure that judging a show on NBC is really considered big. He's judging with the sluttiest girl from The Pussycat Tramps and the skinniest guy from Boys To Mennonites. Which is so incredibly random I can hardly explain my shock upon seeing it. I literally accidentally flipped it to NBC last night when I was hitting record to DVR Top Chef last night. And there on the t.v. right in front of me was Ben Folds. On my t.v. in my gameroom. Why isn't anyone else as amped as I am? The NBC site does give him a good write up though.

And Jeremiah? Perfect Christmas present:
But then again, they probably wouldn't get here in maybe it's not such a perfect gift.

On the right side of the page is a new gadget thingy. I made up some new hats, cabled baby bear hats. They're so cute. I can make them in any size and any color and I'll offer that price for those pictured baby hats (cream is 12-24 months, charcoal is 6-18 months) and all custom order cabled hats till Sunday. Handmade Cabled Hats for $20!?! Oh and a flat rate $5 shipping.

I'll be offering sales 'of the week' every week from now on, so please don't hesitate to contact me if something catches your dreamy little eyes.


otherworldlyone said...

If we get snow, it'll be just a few flakes. Which is ok, because I hate cold, wet things. BUT, I do like to look at it and it would be great if you would take pictures. Pretty please.

Amy said...

Ok... THANK YOU!!! I was flipping the channels and came on when one of the groups was singing and then they went to the judges and when I saw it was Ben Folds I got so excited. I gasped in like my whole family room and then said "Oh my gosh it's BEN FOLDS!" My husband in the other room said "Who?" And I broke out into song. First "Brick" followed by "Give me my Money Back". I watched the entire rest of the show.

Oh and that particular Boy II Man? Yeah, he was my favorite.

So I think I may be hooked.

And I'll definitely be back to your site.

Miss Yvonne said...

Ben Folds! It's been driving my husband crazy trying to figure out who that was...we missed his intro on the show. Not that my husband will know who Ben Folds is, but still.

kara said...

i think ben folds is doing the same thing as james franco guest starring on that soap opera...amusing themselves and themselves only. something i can get behind.

Madame DeFarge said...

Ben Folds? Boy, I remember him, I have all his albums and forgot that he must still be doing something somewhere. What's he judging now?

erin said...

OWO: I'll take some out of my window tomorrow morning. Just for you.

Amy: Yay!

Miss Yvonne: I introduced Jeremiah to Ben Folds and now he HAS to like him.

Madame: He's been making music all along and it's always been excellent. His last album (Far From Normal) was definitely my favorite so far. Which is saying a lot.

erin said...

Oh Kara Please Believe Me. I'd Never do you no wrong. Believe when I tell you ooooo...

I missed your comment when I was answering other comments. You will probably never see this.

John Pender said...

Have you had a chance to peruse my e-mail?

Steam Me Up, Kid said...

Mechanical puppy? Anything for my Olivia.

And vibrating Thursday? You, my friend, are a tease.

Vic said...

I can't believe someone else besides me actually saw that horror of a show. I hope the judges are being paid a huge amount of money.

I never got into Ben Folds - maybe I'll have to look into that... :)

Petit fleur said...

Groovy hats!

I don't know who any of the people you mentioned and I don't know the show.

I am old and in the way, but I believe you when you say it was horrible. Sorry for that.

Have a great holiday,

Anonymous said...

Texting all day at work is the way of the world now!

Anonymous said...

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